Wednesday, June 09, 2010

edwardian lover.

(And no, that's not someone who is Team Edward.)

It's ME! I love may be my favorite clothing era (after the late 30's/early 40's obviously.)

I love beautiful things like this (which is actually a peachy-pink, and technically probably dates to the 30s anyway. Thus the mucho lovefest in my heart.) These photos are from, and I think both of these garments are currently available for purchase.

Yup, it's a nightgown. Look at the up-close details!

Wouldn't that be a great summery top?? All light and floaty and ethereal (because you KNOW I'm angelic. It's even part of my NAME. hee hee.)

This is gorgeous too, and probably dates closer to the correct period. You could do closures, or just a CF on the fold instead of an opening:

The next one is from this etsy seller, and image credit goes to that shop. Same beautiful lace detailing, same floaty and light feeling. Excellent (and easy to recreate!) summer top:

Can't picture this for current day clothing? White lacy, delicate tops have made an appearance in fashion the past few years, often paired with scruffy denim. Check out this anthropologie top from last summer (which I vow to recreate in the aqua colorway):

I even have robin's egg batiste and ecru laces in stash. But I really, really love the white too.

I'm out of school now. Finally!! So after my brain recovers from the endless packing/grading/planning/cleaning...I'll be refreshed and ready to roll on some summer sewing!


  1. You'd have loved a fabulous BBC series - the House of Elliot about two sisters who set up a fashion house in London in the 1910s. I

  2. You're just getting out of school? Alaska students got out May 20th.. lol but it comes with a price.. They will be going back about the third week of August.

    Great post today.. Thanks!

    Oh... I loved that show too, Gail.. That is what first caught my eye... (the sewing)

  3. Does that make me a Jacobian Lover?
    What's funny about those pieces is how erotic some of them are for the time period. All prim and proper for day, a whole other story for night... ;)
    6 more days for me, then back the day after Labor Day.

  4. Anonymous12:52 PM

    I love those kind of garments also. I have some fine lawn fabric and cotten laces that would make a beautiful vest. The 3rd picture gave me the idea.

  5. With your love of heirloom sewing, you should be able to knock off those details and make some fabulous tops. I am watching House of Elliot also, thans to Netflix!

  6. That first one, gorgeous. Now I want a night gown like that. And a top. Beautiful!


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