Wednesday, June 16, 2010

SisBoom Patrica Tunic

Bet you thought I wasn't going to finish this one, huh? The funniest part of these photos (to me) is that I combed my hair and slapped some tinted moisturizer and lipgloss on. All to just cut my head off anyway. I must have snapped 20 photos, and my head was chopped off in every. single. one.

(Oh well! It's summer. I'm not sweatin it! But trust me. I look good.)

I really love this tunic! I want another one (or three) pronto! Such a cute style! I was pleasantly surprised at the subtle shaping too. Not sack-like at all. In fact, its pretty darn flattering.

There are princess seams in front, but a single piece back. The pattern itself runs very true to measurements. I made the XL (16-18), based on my full bust/waist/hip. I didn't do an FBA, but I probably could have used a small one for more room through the bust. (Or I could have went up a size). It was a conscious decision to use the straight XL for a closer fit through the bust.

The instructions are excellent, and there were several little things that I had never done quite that way before. The front and back hem is completed before the side seams or side vents, but the side vent ARE pressed into place first. The vents are stitched after the side seams are sewn. It ended up being a very neat looking finish when it was all done.

The yokes are applied to the top like a facing, except on the outside. I love them!! Such a great opportunity to use my fun zebra print! You get to choose the front slit depth while making the top (there is no marking for the slit, so this is one of those times that if you're squeamish for not having a dot or marking, be prepared to just go with it!)

While we're looking at the back facing, check out that sleeve head on the right. The sleeves are set in flat, and you "walk" the seam, pinning as you go. When you get to the shoulder seam you stop and start again from the opposite edge, walking the sleeve & pinning until you meet up at the first set of pins. You end up with an excess of fabric (what you would typically "ease" in). Instead, you make a little inverted pleat. SO cute!

The sleeve fits very well too, nice and roomy. I made the Weekend Sewing tunic last summer, which I wear to DEATH, and the only thing that bugs me is that the bicep is a little snug on it. Not so with this one.

All in all a great tunic pattern. Great place to use those cottons you're not sure what to do with too. It's not so big and sack-ish that you'll feel boxy with a fun cotton print; there's plenty of shaping and fit opportunities with the princess seams.

Definitely a keeper!

I purchased my Patricia Tunic here. Just a reminder, it is a downloadable pattern with a printable booklet. You have to tape your pieces together, but it went together without a hitch and was easy to do while watching tv one night. Also, you don't have to print ALL the sizes. There's a key in the booklet (excellent, excellent instructions!) for printing off just the size you need. I wrote about Jen's patterns here, and I started the top here if you need a little more info!


  1. Very nice style and combination of fabrics. You look great in it, even if you did cut your head off in all the photos.

  2. Totally wicked awesome, dude!

    Apparently I am chanelling a fourteen year old boy circa 1986. Neato.

    I love this top. Wish I had time to deal with it myself. (I don't.) Make some more! (So I don't have to.)

  3. That's a really cute tunic, Angie. Absolutely make more. I can see it even in fancy fabrics for dressed up affairs. I love tunics, and have a few patterns that I need to make.

  4. I had a love affair with tunics during our summer. They are so wearable. Love your version. The combo of fabrics is unexpected - but works so well. Question. I have lots of knit scraps that are large enough for the front piece. Would this pattern work as a knit t-shirt?

  5. Hey Oh Headless Angie, great FINISHED tunic! And, yes, I have been waiting for it because I loved the combo of prints the first time you showed them. You didn't disappoint - the finished tunic is wonderful!

  6. Well now I'm going to post another comment on YOUR blog because, well, you know ... I can't let you win. Bwahahaha!

    P.S. My top is Butterick 5488, similar to Sunshine but pleats in front and back and raglan sleeves.

  7. It looks really pretty! I love the fabrics you used, and I think the close fit is very flattering :))) I just discovered her fabrics and I might have to pick some up for myself! I'm really loving bold prints these days...

  8. Great job on the tunic, so glad we finally get to admire it. Love the zebra-print facings!

  9. Looks great!! Love the fabric you chose.

  10. So cute...and love your fabric combination

  11. Anonymous11:06 PM

    You've got a lot of zip in your style and it is a real pleasure to follow your sewing. Well stitched but not 'stitched-up'! Susan, Australia

  12. Look at you go! It's like you're off all summer or something. Love the tunic. g

  13. .So pretty!! I would have to steal this top if you were anywhere close. I may have to steal the idea for sure! (And the zebra print on top of the flowers is perfect!)

  14. seriously know how to rock fabrics. I never would have put those together but they look amazing! Looks like you've been making lots of cute stuff lately. I love your pj pants, too!

  15. Anonymous3:16 PM

    I love this print and your choice for the accent fabric. I know that some feel that the quilters cotton isn't appropriate for use in garment making. Why is this? I don't have a thought about it one way or the other, but the choices are limited if you stay within the garment fabric choices. There are so many fabulous designers coming up with the best retro stuff in the quilters cotton.


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