Friday, June 18, 2010

little things.

Oklahoma in June = wet, heat, and humidity. It's like living in my own little terrarium.

Bonus? When I'm hanging out laundry (or possibly, lying on a blanket in the shade waiting for the laundry to be dry), I happen upon little things like this...

If you were a Little Person, wouldn't you choose just this mushroom to build a little house under? Look at your yard, covered in cheery shamrocks. A lucky yard.

Of course, living under a mushroom is bound to have it's downsides. Like, oh, say... INVASION.

sniff sniff sniff...

snuffle snuffle snuffle...

Whew. Tragedy averted.

Priscilla: "What?"

When I was a little girl, my uncle used to tell me stories about the Little People, a Cherokee legend. (Of course he often peppered his version with tales of the mean variety of Littles, which meant my fascination was a bit breathless anticipation and LOOK-OUT-BEHIND-YOU! fear. Uncles.)

I spent many a summer afternoon playing in the woods behind my house, and I would watch close about me, trying to catch a glimpse. But I was never successful.

In my head, the Little People were teeny, tiny beings, like Thumbelina (one of my very favorite fairy tales!) They lived in a scaled down version of my world, with soft green moss as their yard and wild violets for trees.

And when it was hot, and humid, and mid-June...they lived in mushroom houses.


  1. Priscilla is adorable! She would be great friends with my Pearl.

  2. What a fun story and pretty cool fungus too. I won't ever bother asking about Stella (the basset hound with the best name evah!).

    Priscilla is adorable. g

  3. Cute mushroom pic, you can come broil over here with no a/c, girl, 91 deg in my house in So Texas...

  4. What an adorable face Priscilla has!

  5. "It's like living in my own little terrarium."

    Hahaha! Best. Description. Ever. (I'm stealing it!)

    I used to read all the "little people" stories when I was young (The Littles, Gulliver, and others I know I'm forgetting in my old age.) Loved them!

  6. That's a big honkin' 'shroom! And a cute doggie!

  7. vintagekitchenkitsch1:49 PM

    Thumbelina!!! Me, too! I had the record (he he) with the book that went along with it. I listened to it every day. Ahh. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. : )


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