Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Burda Feb '11

I was so surprised to get the February issue of Burda Style yesterday!  On first thumb-through, I loved it!  That makes 2 issues in a row that I have earmarked several possible future projects.  (More Burda mag excitement than I've had in several months put together!)

I really love this dress.  I probably have a vintage pattern that looks exactly like this, but this is multi-sized (haha!) 
 This high-waist skirt is fab.
 Great basic tee.  I have had good luck with shaping on Burda mag tees.  This one appears to have some decent shaping in the side seams (at least in the line drawing):
 Another high-waist skirt...fabulous princess seaming in back for those booty-licious girls.
 I don't know why I'm attracted to pseudo-1980s Flashdance type garments.  But I am.  Oh wait, the 1980s were AWESOME....What a feelin'!!

In the '80s I could have worn this little mini...alas, I think this one will remain in Lu's realm of future garments.  (It's so cute too!)

Great basic short.
 Another vintage-y pattern.  Adorable doublebreasted front!
Requisite February safari-style garment.  Except, I always enjoy these.  I never make one, but I always MEAN to.  Maybe this year.
And now, onto the lovely plus section!  Sexy ruched dress... this one in a stretch-woven ("crosswise stretch" required). I really like the back princess seams, lots of room for adjustment.  The "back" is always so difficult to fit, isn't it?
 Another pair of high-waist pants, this time in a slim leg.  Now (if you have January's issue) you have both wide-leg and a slim fit.  Woot!  Really lovely back waist. 
 Ok, I can see this being a little "Cary Grant Smoking Jacket", but I love it.  I think it would be beautiful in a sweater knit.
 And a dress version...
 Basic tunic, but you should see the model photo.  It looked hot! 
 And a dress version:

Once again, the plus section comes through with really lovely garments.  I can see they may not be to everyone's taste, but I loved them!  So, spill!  What are your favorites?


  1. I love love love that first dress you have; it was in the little preview in the January issue and I have been keeping my fingers crossed that it would be as good as it looked. I can't wait to do that one! I also really like the plus wrap top/dress. I have had such issues with wrap dresses (constantly shifting while wearing) but I love the way that one looks.

  2. Oooo...I like all of those too...might have to find that baby somewhere!

    word ver: wompr

  3. Typical Burda, I drop my subscription and they start picking up a little. Actually, I really like that Cary Grant Smoking Jacket Dress... wouldn't it be pretty in a novelty wool sweater knit (which I -ahem- happen to own) with a turtleneck and tights? Yes. It would. Make one now.

    I'll send you my measurements.

  4. I just got mine yesterday too! I agree, lots of fun patterns to try out. I too am attracted to those 80's looks. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  5. You could dress me anytime. I love just about everything you picked! Except the pants and that's only because I don't do pants.

    I finally convinced hubby that a subscription is in order, but I haven't ordered it yet. Need to do that. g

  6. I love that first dress too! The pencil skirt is so hot I can't think of any situation I could wear it in...stay home mother of 2, not exactly a scintillating life-style! LOL

  7. I'm in love with this whole issue too. I have about 12 post-it notes on what I want to make! From the fitted floral jacket and pencil skirt in the Italian section, to the simple shapes in the neon/grey section. Just need to focus on one and get started!

  8. Great minds... all of my favorites are the same as yours! Thanks for the wonderful idea to use a sweater knit on the wrap top! I have some sitting out on the table, and think that will be my next project!!! Quick - before I love momentum...

  9. I've been trying to find local/online stores to purchase the mags. Any suggestions? Did you just purchase a US subscription? I love the wrap dress and would like to learn more about garment sewing with the mags. Thanks for your help.

  10. Alright already. I'm going out to buy it as soon as it hits the stands.

  11. I love the vintagey dress too. It is so kind of Burda to include all these summer garments in their winter issues. Speaking of inciting envy and covetousness, you do realize that these lovely posts just make the 3 week wait for this magazine to arrive MUCH harder!

  12. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Hi, Thanks so much for this post after looking whats in burda I had to track one down through Ebay. A little bit harder to come by in Austalia but I loved everything you picked so much and they make it look so great.

  13. Hey lady! I know you're having a snow week - can we have something new? g


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