Thursday, January 06, 2011

a lovely vintage pattern.

Just look at this lovely pattern I saw on Etsy this morning:

Alot of 1940s patterns have a high neckline that isn't terribly flattering to those of us with a larger bustline.  This is a beautiful neckline though!  And I'm in total love with the peplum and the BOW!

I also found this Simplicity from 1980.  Isn't it very 1940-ish?  I know the 40s were a strong fashion influence in the 80s, I just haven't noticed it quite as strongly as in this pattern (which has a daintier print than most c. 1980 dresses; that may be helping the illusion):

Isn't this 1940s pattern very similar?  (albeit, much more charming):

Still, I'm guessing that the former is much easier to get your hands on than the latter, and in your size for a cheaper $$ too.  Something to think about.  (Personally, there's just something so perfect about 1930-1950's era pattern instructions and diagrams.  They are just so concise and beautiful!)

Today is my "Friday" and I'll be having an unexpected 4-day weekend to lie in my pj's and "rest".  Sewing probably won't be on the agenda (drat it) but I expect lots of  Netflix watching and ripple-crocheting to occur.  Doesn't it feel like I've been sick more than usual this fall/winter?  Ugh.  Let's just say my fanny bum is sore from this morning's visit with a needle.  (haha!  A kind British commenter pointed out I had made a shocking admission.  Slang is so funny!)

Off now to pitifully ask the kids to fold laundry and do the dishes. Bless Lu, she took care of this one.  (Kristine says no one ever died from a dirty kitchen/over-full laundry, but I'm suspicious of her sources.)

ps...I've been searching the internets tonight for an appropriate fabric for my sewalong top (I have bottom-weight fabric).  I think I'd like a silk or possibly a blend in a print, and I mostly have solids.  I love love love this:

but can't find anything else I'm dying to have from Fabric Mart (I know, shocking, right?)  I hate to order just one thing.  If you've seen something especially lovely you think would work, give a girl a shout-out!  Here's my top pattern for the sewalong in case you need a reminder:


  1. I'm pretty sure I'm staying home sick tomorrow too! I got hit with a truck carrying a cold on Tuesday, but seem to be getting worse instead of better.

    I hope you feel better soon. g

  2. I only read the first few lines. Whoa, whoa wait a second. High necklines are unflattering with large busts? I'm not challenging you, I'm shocked I never noticed. Is this some unwritten rule I missed out on? Is that why so many of my blouses look a trifle on the frumpy side? My goodness... Please tell me more about this.


  4. Ooh, I had Simplicity 9379 (before I had kids) and loved the 2 piece dress I made from it, a black and white knit. I didn't know the concept of a TNT pattern, but this would be one of them now if I was still that size. Thanks for the memory!

  5. Anonymous3:52 AM

    Your WHAT is sore? Mmmm, to British-English speakers that's a rather startling admission for a blog. It's one of THOSE words that don't have the same meaning in both languages. (You do know that it's perfectly normal for elementary schoolkids in Britain to ask their teacher for a rubber, don't you?)

  6. He, he, language is peculiar. Since Anonymous has let the cat out of the bag...Fanny means the same thing in Australia as in the UK, (and is rather rude too!). Lucky we speak American as a second dialect due to TV, movies and blog reading, or we would be SHOCKED! ;) I am sure you are always thinking of your prudish international audience and would not want to do that.
    You really don't want a needle there.
    I hope you feel better soon. Your pattern possibilities are gorgeous.

  7. hahaha!!! Ok, I altered the original. No need to shock the international readers. :P

    thanks for the links Marilyn! That green is BEAUTIFUL. Pricey, but beautiful. At least it's 60" wide!

  8. These are all gorgeous. I love that first one, especially the blue- are those gathers on the neckline? You are so right, there were some wonderful 40's inspired looks back in the 80's. So many people seem to only remember the neon, the stirrup pants, and the leg warmers, but there was some awesome fashion back then.


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