Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a vintage wardrobe: tops

Vintage top patterns are my particular weakness. So many lovely little details!  I gravitate to the 30s and 40s, and although I try to stick to my size range, if it's an especially beautiful pattern I'll snap it up no matter the size. 

You might recognize the very first photo, I loved the shorts in yesterday's post, but in truth, I loved the entire outfit!  And I have the perfect pattern too, a 1940s Simplicity.  The 2nd pattern below I love for the variety.  I'm dying to muslin the interesting keyhole/cutout neckline (but it's the bow version that is a ringer for Gene's blouse).

I think Esther Williams is adorable and I love this little peasant top!  I have already made it up once, so I know it's a good fit and very sweet.  (Those are fabulous printed shorts she's wearing too.) And another beautiful photo of Gene Tierney, wearing the perfect 1940s blouse, a tie-neck.  My vintage sewalong pattern will be perfect for this one, with a minor change for the tie.

Anyone else a Thin Man fan?  Love Myrna Loy!  So classy.  I wish I had more 1930s separates, but most of my 30s patterns are for dresses, coats, and pjs.  I adore her top.  I could knock it off with one of my (many) 1940s blouses, but I am holding out for this Butterick 6423.  I just missed it on Etsy (rats) a month or so ago, but the search continues.  It's gorgeous enough to wait for. 

Lastly, a more casual blouse worn by Rita Hayworth.  I ended up with several choices for photos featuring this blouse, and I chose this McCall pattern I picked up last fall on ebay.  It has a placket rather than a button-front.  Love the tailored sleeves.

I'm having an unexpected snow day today.  I'll be doing a muslin of the sewalong patterns with my surprise free time and hopefully will have pictures to show shortly!


  1. Hey! You got your expected unexpected snow day! Yay!!

    Love Myrna, love all those tops, wish I could rock vintage. Maybe. Actually, on second thought, I don't. Like I need something else to obsessively collect.

    wrod verification: "scoldoo"

    Twenty-two scoldoo! It's the cat's pajamas!

    Maybe I should start collecting 20's vintage patterns. did they make such a thing?

    "wrod verification" = when you have to verify wooden sticks.

  2. Look at you go - with all the time off lately. Too bad you haven't felt like sewing until today. g

  3. I love little blouses like that, too. In fact, I am overcome with envy. Wanna swap some at a later date? That would be rad.

  4. Cute tops! I'm tempted to make one up to go with my vintage skirt...
    Does Gene Tierney ever smile?
    Congrats on the snow day, I'm hoping for one tomorrow, but am doubtful.

  5. Love Myrna Loy and the Thin Man - have the set on dvd...sometimes I watch just for the fabulous clothes she wears....What's the largest size the top 2 Simplicity patterns come in?

  6. How fun! I applaud all of your planning - I don't know if I would be successful and matching patterns to pictures like that! I was hoping for a snow day tomorrow, but we just got a 2 hour delay - bummer (I'm so spoiled)!

  7. Just love seeing the vintage movie star pics and matching patterns. So fun.


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