Thursday, March 31, 2011

cold rainy day eye candy.

Sorry, no skirt photos because it's COLD.  And RAINY. And I'm a wee bit CRABBY.

But I bring treats in the form of Etsy goods.  I recently purchased a few pdf's of vintage sewing booklet scans (I always just scan my vintage finds for you free of charge, so it seems somewhat weird to me to get charged for someone's lucky find.  That's the basics of economics though! C'est la vie!)

This is from a 1940 Dubarry pattern booklet:

I'm sort of in love with playsuits right now, I don't care how much too old I am or how impractical they are.  I can't get enough of them.  And this adorable thing is from a 1939 Dubarry booklet:

Then we have my MOST favorite...

A "Build Your Own Wardrobe" booklet, printed during wartime and rationing.  It has several pages of useful and charming tips for extending the life of garments, and remaking/reusing old or outdated ones.  My favorite section is this one:

and the directions for 3 of the cute blouses from suit... (click for large view on all images!)

Awesome rainy weather reading.  Hope your week has been more productive than mine!  I have THREE garments finished (or nearly) and ready to get a photo up for your reading well as a green plaid dress waiting for sleeves and a zip.  Come on weekend!


  1. Yay playsuits! I say go for one! I'm planning on making one this summer.

  2. Those are adorable and really look like dresses - not necessarily a playsuit at all - make one.

    I have not been more productive than you - I have a dress almost done, a cardigan that only needs snaps, and a top to make to wear my new skirt.

    I do know that your skirts will be fabulous. g

  3. ooohhhh! I love these so much! Thanks for posting!!


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