Saturday, March 05, 2011

retro kitchens & babies.

It's Saturday!  Yay yay yay yay!!! (I kinda love Saturday).

I've got to run finish up my shopping this morning before a shower this afternoon for my baby brother's first little one.  It's a boy!  He's not here yet, he'll be here on March 28 at 10-ish a.m. because his mama has already scheduled it so.  Unless, as babies tend to do, baby decides he'd rather come some other time.

I have to run get new copies of my G-man's favorite picture books (when he was a baby & toddler) to pass on to the new little one, and some wooden toys from the natural baby shop.  Cause I'm just that kind of auntie.  I'm making him a quilt too, but it's not ready yet.

Since I knew I wouldn't have time to drag out my Dubarry dress and sew this morning, I just spent (NOTwasted) time on the internets planning my kitchen "renovation" (i.e. painting and new cabinet pulls, which is basically all my budget allows).  I'm totally in love with this 1940s kitchen:

(You HAVE to click and view large because the dancing 
utensils border is sooo kitschy!)

Oh, to have red stainless-edged countertops!  Mine are 1960s green marbled laminate, but my cabinets are exactly like these (oak stained currently).  I'm swinging by Lowes this afternoon after the shower and pricing some ultra white paint.  And tile! LOVE the white white white tile backsplash.  Ah, heck.  I might as well price red laminate too, huh? ;)  Isn't that chrome or stainless edge awesome??  Do they still do that?

Ok gotta run or I'll be late to my very important shower date!


  1. Oh, that is awesome! I love the dancing carrots! I really like a red kitchen, too.

  2. I love the linoleum pattern on the floor too! Aren't those vintage home illustrations the best.
    You can still get the metal edging, but it sounds like enough work to acquire that you really have to want it!

  3. I have red accents in my kitchen. One of my nieces, who is much more artistic than I, painted a chili pepper border on one of my walls..

  4. I've always wanted a red and white kitchen! I'm currently begging my husband to let me paint the whole downstairs red. I think he might be wavering a little. This reminds me of the pictures in my mom's scrapbook from her home ec class when she was in high school.

  5. May the paint be on sale so you can add the laminate at least, bringing you one step closer to your vision.

    Here is hoping you get the kitchen of your dreams.

  6. Love it! I love red in the kitchen, but I prefer blue. :-)

    Early congrats on a new nephew.

  7. I wonder if those are metal cabinets? My grandmother had a kitchen like that but with turquoise instead of red. If we were closer geographically, I'd lend you my paint sprayer. Best ever for painting lots of stuff. I think you can actually paint laminate counters too ... with the right primer and curing time.

  8. There is a 50s diner in my area that is decorated in chrome, white and red! You would love it!

  9. I love this image! I have been looking all over the web for images of vintage kitchens because my mom and I are getting ready to redo the kitchen at my grandmother's house (she left it to us when she passed, and my brother lives there now) and I am taking the metal cabinets and the GIANT porcelain sink with drainboards to have refinished and put in my own kitchen.

  10. Wow, I am loving the red and white kitchen combo ... I wonder if I can get The Gentleman to agree with me... We'll see!


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