Thursday, March 03, 2011

Ottobre Woman 2/11

Sorry I've been a bit MIA this week.  I've been having internet troubles.  What I thought was a bad router turned out to be neighbors stealing my wireless!  That is so intrusive and ugly.  I've got a fancy, schmancy new wireless router with superhero security so all seems to be fixed on that front.

Unfortunately not much sewing has gone on here this week while I've tried to troubleshoot.  I did get my Ottobre Woman unexpectedly yesterday.  I didn't realize it was already March!  Where the heck did February go??  Here are some of my favorites!

A super hot vintage-inspired bathing suit!  Wow!!  I'm definitely putting this in my summer to-do list!  I might change the back though.  I hate lying on that big knot on my floaty mattress in the pool.

I think the pleated skirt on the right also has a vintage feel:

And Ottobre is really my favorite place to turn for great basics.  These summer capri pants are a really nice shape, and I like the little tie blouse too:

Line drawings: 

I'm pretty sure I wore a dress just like the one on the right in the next photo.  Back in 1987.  ;)  But I really do love the jumper/pinafore on the left.  Very cute!

And the line drawing:

The best part of this issue is that almost all the garments are availabe in the full size range of 34-52.  There are a couple of things that are only 46 or 48, but that's still pretty awesome! 

I don't have any of these planned for immediate sewing time (still hoping to get a little further on my Dubarry dress this weekend, if not finished!)  But that's the thing about Ottobre.  You can just grab one at any time and make a great basic.  

It's almost Friday!


  1. Ha! I said the same thing about that dress! I know I had a couple...and the stirrup pants to go with 'em!

    I really like the swim suit too but I can't do halters. My boobs are too big and the pressure on the back of my neck gives me migraines! Doesn't that suck?!

    I have noticed OW has been adding a lot of vintage-y styles which is fun!

  2. You found the highlights! I was disappointed in this issue...didn't expect to see a copy of my 8th grade grad dress in there :) Would you recommend Burda mag over Otto? mamalusco at ortelco dot net

  3. I'm loving this Ottobre, too. I plan to alter the swimsuit so the halter is a cross-back style to handle my 38G's.

    I think I might make the 80's throwback dress. It's cute even if I did wear that the first time around!

  4. You picked out all my favorites :-) I have to try the swimsuit, and that cute blouse! I thought there was a lot to like in this issue, and if I had a teenager those dresses would be great :-)

  5. What a cute bathing suit, I am going to have to get that issue.

  6. Uh oh. I've had the same problem with my wireless only I don't think the neighbors were delibertly stealing. More of they were just connecting with the first router on the list. Suddenly my system designed for 6 devices was supporting 60. I know they were upset when I cut them off, but really I can't afford to support the whole neighborhood.

  7. The swimsuit is lovely, but I too was thinking about the halter issue as can not wear them due to boob issues..:) But Sandi mentioned making it crossback instead of halter, that could work indeed. Thanks.:)


  8. I love the swimsuit too! Though, I cannot imagine actually sewing a swimsuit. I don't own a serger and I think it might be step too far!

  9. You like pretty much the same things I do. I like OW - the sizing, the styles, and their models of all different shapes and ages..I am scared of making a bathing suit, a major warbrobe malfunction could happen if I didn't do a good s sewing job...and I don't own a serger...

  10. OK I have some vintage swim suit patterns and have always wanted to give it a go but did not want Modern Suit fabric with all the stretch but instead have wanted something like they use in mens swim trunks nylon that dries quickly. I have never been able to locate a source for this type of fabric. It has always held me back on sewing my own.

  11. Love that swimsuit!!! Super cute.

  12. Anonymous10:42 AM

    OMG! Your post just inspired me to subscribe to Ottobre!!

  13. Anonymous11:30 AM


  14. I love the swimsuit too - it looks like it will be so flattering! I have never made myself a bathing suit, but this pattern may be the one that gets me to give it a try. I am also loving the capri pants.

  15. This is my second only issue of Octobbre and frankly I was a little disappointed. I did like the bathing suit (winter is on its way in Australia, the tie blouse and the long cardigan (a wardrobe staple for me).


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