Thursday, March 10, 2011

thursday thursday.

SO many great comments in my giveaway post!  And I can't wait til this weekend when I can peruse about a hundred new-to-me blogs!  Thank you all so much for sharing your sewing plans.  I see several kindred spirits.

If you haven't entered the giveaway yet, go to the previous post to do so before midnight tomorrow!

Meanwhile, while we wait for Friday midnight, did you see this cute (free!) tank download over at

You can download your own copy at the page here. I've already downloaded mine!

I'm off now to have a Subway flatbread, because I'm starving.  Before I go though, so many of you commented about what a generous giveaway and expressed delight with the patterns (but couldn't believe I could part with them)...well now I'm going to let you in on a little secret.  I have TOO MANY PATTERNS.  I, Angie.A have a vintage pattern buying problem.  ha. 

I dearly love these patterns, but honestly, I'll never take the time to grade them because since buying them I've found something similar in a better size for me.  So don't feel any guilt whatsoever! I am SO happy to pass them on to someone who will love and cherish and use them! 

But, you know, if anyone out there would like to get me one of these for my blogiversary gift, I promise I will make good use of it:

My very own Lee Pace Pieman.  Can you just imagine?  Mmm hmmm.

ps...Cherry Sundress news:  I'm chicken to cut into that fabulous vintage cherry print fabric (in case it doesn't fit) so I'm making a "test garment" in a yummy yellow floral.  (Not vintage, but still adorable).  So hopefully at the end of this little project, I'll have TWO cute sundresses!  More to show on THAT this weekend!


  1. Oh sundresses AND Lee Pace? What a great post! Unfortunately I can't give you a gorgeous Pie Maker, but I did a post recently on the fantastic wardrobe of his life-love Chuck?

  2. I love cherries. Too eat, as a motif, in a pie...
    I don' blame you for hesitating to cut into. I am sure both dresses will be adorable. Thanks for the heads up on the tank top, it looks good for summer and I have some slub rayon I don't know what to do with.

  3. Angie, I wanted to wish you a happy blogoversary! I'm sure both dresses will end up being wonderful and you will have two new sundresses for summer!

  4. angie, have you watched The Fall?
    if not, you must! it's available on instant watch on netflix. he's great in it.

    happy blogiversary!


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