Sunday, March 20, 2011

two things.

First,  I love Dita von Teese.  (Although google imaging her is somewhat tricky since I'm basically a sheltered country girl at heart.)  She never looks less than perfect.  Wouldn't you love to wander around in her (probably bigger than my entire house) closet??

Wonder if she ever lounges about at home in knit yoga pants and a ratty old tee?  No?  Probably not.

Next...I found the perfect pattern to knock off this Amy Adams dress!!

Look at New Look 6886:

Same bodice, right down to the angle of the neckline (although I think Amy's dress might have set in sleeves?)  Same swishy circle skirt (and I can even add more swish if I want to, with my circle skirt draft).  There was another very similar pattern that had a bodice + midriff piece WITH the tulip sleeves like Amy's.  Alas, I can't get the Simplicity site to load so I can show you a picture.  I decided to go with this pattern because it is the most similar, and because I think I can realistically draft the tulip sleeves if I want them.

Although I'm not sure that I can use the tulip sleeves on this type of raglan bodice.  Hmmm. This one will take some more thought.

First though I have a green plaid dress that needs some finishing up on!   


  1. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Dita is simply sensational!! She is sweet and stylish and knows how to be a lady. Love her!

    Looking forward to seeing your Amy Adam's dress.

  2. Love these Dita photos. Such a wonderful wardrobe. The New Look pattern looks perfect! Cant wait to see it!

  3. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Did you see the spread on Dita's house in InStyle a few months ago? Her closet is apparently huge. A whole former bedroom.

  4. Wow! That red dress at the grocery store is making me feel rather ashamed of my shopping ensembles. At least I have not stooped to pjs, and I'm fairly certain no paparazzi are photographing me - but still, perhaps I should endeavor to Dita my life up a bit more :)
    Amy Adams is simply adorable! I really think you should do the tulip sleeves if you can make them work: they are such a unique touch.

  5. You can so totally draft tulip sleeves (and if not, I have a how-to in a book, I'll send it to you). I think Amy's are set in, but I sort of like the raglan better actually.

    I love Dita's wardrobe and style and general sense of presence... except she always makes me think she's a vampire. That part is a little off-putting (for no particular reason and I certainly live in the Whitest White Girl glass house and shouldn't be throwing any pale stones, that's for sure...)

    Sorry, I now have images in my head of you timorously googling Dita... that sort of made me giggle. Thumbs up!

  6. I also love Dita: as you said she's always perfect!!

    Can I add your blog to my blogroll?

    Have a nice sewing day :-)!


  7. I think you could get away with tulip raglans. Tulip sleeves don't have an underarm seam, they overlap at the top so you'd have to baste it together but it would work fine.

  8. I love Dita's style. She also has the prettiest skin--makes me never want to tan again.

  9. I love Dita's yellow and red sundress. Your 'Amy Adams' dress will be lovely.

  10. I was reading something a while ago about Dita von Teese and she specifically talked about what she wears at home; apparently she wears lingerie and silk robes and fancy vintage-style loungewear like what they wear in old movies in bedroom scenes. So no-- no yoga pants. :)

    Also, I should look up what kind of make-up she uses because I can NEVER find make-up that's pale enough.

  11. if you end up drafting Tulip sleeves PUUULEEEZE post a tut!

  12. Yes, love Dita's classic vintage style! So ladylike~!

    Happy Spring~!


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