Monday, May 02, 2011

Vintage Vogue 9523 - in progress!

In between rainy day naps this weekend I got nearly finished with my pink lawn Vogue sundress.  Here's a peek:

I used a tropical print lawn (Fashion Fabrics Club, last spring) and lined the bodice in pink Imperial batiste.  I don't have quiiiittteee enough Imperial to line the skirt.  Er, I could but it will be too short.  I'm debating whether to just make (or purchase) a matching half-slip.  I've thought about adding some wide pink lace to the hem of the lining too, which should lengthen it enough.  I'll have to dig through the lace stash.  That might be really pretty!

Wish I could show you more, but my camera battery died.  Rats.

I should have been able to make three of the little sundresses in one weekend considering how simple construction was.  Instead, here's a little sampling of my cohorts and their bad example...

Fat Kitty clearly needed more direction.  Or a chore or something.  Sheesh.

Hey I did get some fun stuff in the mail on Saturday!  My new Colette patterns came!  Have you seen them yet?  They're "beginner" patterns, and I probably didn't need them, but you know how it is.  I already have all the others (except the men's shirt); why stop now?

Here is Violet (all images from the Colette website):

The little peter pan collar is so sweet (hopefully not "too" sweet though), and I LOVE the back yoke & gathering.  So cute.  What I'm not terribly crazy are things easy to fix: the gathered elastic sleeve "cuff" and the lack of vertical darts in front/back for shaping. I think these were omitted to make the pattern beginner-friendly, which I honestly think is pretty awesome.  Here are some pretty pictures from the website of example garments:

The 2nd new pattern is Ginger:

A basic a-line skirt with three waistband variations.  I have a "TNT" a-line skirt hand-drafted from the SWS book, but I do love these shaped waistbands.  And the instruction booklets are always fun to read (even if I skip or alter some of the steps!)  Two examples:

Of course I'm all about the stripes!  Wish I knew where that fabric could be had.

Now I'm off and running....It's Monday!


  1. I love the little blouse! (Note to self: Do NOT let Angie talk you into buying more patterns)

    Plus: "awwwwww-- who's a cute kitty? who's a cute puppy?"

    ok, I'm done.

  2. The lawn is awesome - I would make the lining with wide lace, just to add the special something that makes it unique. Love those photos - the dog cracks me up. I saw those Collettes online - I like the blouse - oh I do not need more...

  3. I don't frequent the Colette site so thanks for putting up these pics...really love the peter pan collar blouse. Can't wait to see the finished sundress ~ the print looks amazing!

  4. Very cute patterns. And I didn't have sleeping animals to distract me - so what's my excuse? I had a very easy skirt cut out and still couldn't get it finishing in a 4 hour block of time. g

  5. Wow,love the patterns,am in love with the peter pan collar.... and your fabric choice is really nice. Those are great pictures of the the two cutees...Lovely. BTW, what kind of camera do you use? am in search for a good one

  6. ooohh can't wait to see the dress! Love the kitty photo...looks like s/he is giving a thumbs up :-)

  7. Eager to see your finished dress! That blouse pattern may be right up my alley, and I've never tried Colette, so I'd be justified in buying it despite lack of actual sewing around here, right? right?


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