Saturday, November 26, 2011

Burda Style 12/11

The December issue usually focuses on party and fancy wear, and I don't normally find much I actually use.  Actually...I don't know if I've ever made anything from a December issue before.  But, this one has one spectacular vintagey dress in particular, and several other noteworthy pieces too.

Let's start with the vintagey dress.  Very '40s with the fluttery sleeves (notoriously low Burda neckline notwithstanding).  #107 

This suit also has a vintage feel, Jacket #103:

and Skirt #105

Dress #102, a sweet, saucy little thing.  Better suited to spring & summer, maybe?

The cover garment (US) is this rather delicious pink coat.  It's just different enough to be amazing, AND it would look smashing with a cloche hat!
The Plus section has some repeats we've seen before, but I still like this top, #132:
And these trousers are a great basic, #133:

And another basic, a little unlined jacket, #131.  The fabric will make or break this one because the design lines are very plain.
Honorable mentions...  The leather pleated skirt.  I will not be making this in leather, but I do love the pleated style in a fun print for spring!

And what I immediately thought of as the Atonement dress...

Not a true knockoff, but  a sleek facsimile.  The color of the original is to die for though.

And let's not forget the "Nosy" outfit either.  

Isn't that just like something Betsy McCall's dog Nosy would wear??

(click for full size!)

I don't know if I'll be tracing anything from this issue right away.  I'm still tracing November!  Where did this month go, anyway?? 


  1. wow. you're still tracing Novemember? I'm still tracing June 2008.

    I love that vintage dress (neckline not withstanding) and that leather pleated skirt will be adorable for spring in cotton. That red dress with the bow is aDORable!

  2. I don't subscribe to Burda, but pick up single issues that look like they have stuff I want to make. This is the first review of December I've seen and now I NEED this issue. I like all the garments you've posted but will probably make the suit jacket first. Call me a nerd, but it looks perfect for recreating the suit that Rachel (Sean Young) wears in Blade Runner.

  3. I love the same garments you do! That first dress is great but I just adore the jacket!! And the gowns, oh the gowns!

  4. Oooh, thank you thank you for sharing these! Now I may have to go get this issue! So many of these just make me drool! And you are spot-on with the Atonement dress! *drool*

  5. Wow- just WOW on that first dress... Now I want to go harange my local newsagent who carries burda until this comes it. WOW.

    I really like the dog coat, too, and I'm not usually impressed by pet-gear.

    That 20's-ish coat is pretty cool, but the silhouette is challenging... I'd have to constantly say to myself "No, you're not fat, it's the STYLE."

  6. I like the first dress and the coat(tho I could never do the plunging neckline). I also like your new blog header festive!

  7. I love all of your picks! #107 just screams 1940's to me also! And the problem of the low neckline could be easily addressed by stitching a piece of wide lace to it to suggest a camisole underneath, which would also add to the vintage feel, I think.

    #102 has a fabulous 1960's vibe, don't you think? Especially done in two colors.

    The gown is my absolute favorite, and I agree that it cries to be done in the Atonement shade. Perfect for a holiday party!

    The dog is very 'nosy'! And if you find November, please let me know! I could use a few days back myself.
    xo, Anita

  8. Thanks for sharing. I may have to break down and buy a full years subscription. I just bought the Burdastyle handbook too! Would ! love to make the atonement gown but 1.i think only twigs can carry that one off, and 2. Where the heck would I never sew the simple clthes I really need.


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