Sunday, January 29, 2012

Once Upon a Time: Ep. 8-9-10

It's been a few weeks since I last caught us up on Mary Margaret's apartment and wardrobe (ha).  Last we left off, poor Graham had been killed by heart-crushing at the hands of the dastardly Mayor Regina (the Evil Queen).

Graham, we still miss ye.

Episode 8 picks up with Emma trying to win Graham's recently vacated sheriff's position.  There was mention of an autopsy (sob!) and I think autopsy trumps True Love's Kiss.  $#!@.  There was very little MM in this episode save this cute scene with an equally cute hat:

The girl has more hats, coats and scarves than the rest of the town combined.  Poor Emma is still wearing that red leather jacket.  Although it's probably symbolic and I just haven't figured it out yet.

And there was one really clear shot of the kitchen that shows her pretty pots on the top of the cabinet. Love the frosted glass on the cabinet door to the right too:

(Oh, and Emma becomes sheriff.  We also got Rumplestilstkin's surprisingly sympathetic backstory.)

Moving on to episode 9...this was Hansel and Gretel, very well played by the two young actors in the parts. But the real news?  We got inside MM's bedroom! (I was probably as excited as David would be, although obviously for different reasons).

I love that wrought iron bed.  Alot.  The mismatched pillows are sweet, and I love the mug with an "M" (I think that's an anthropologie mug).

Of course Mary Margaret has an old chenille bedspread (so do I, although mine is the reverse colorway, jadite green with white and pink chenille):

Look really close at the photo below...see that mirror on the far wall?  Look at what's on the wall we never see...a vintage train case!  In YELLOW. 

One full shot of the kitchen's nice to see the entire set to get some perspective.

Guess what else we got a decent shot of?  The sewing machine!

And some really ugly pants. Sorry MM, these were a *miss*.  But the top is pretty:

What's odd is in the shot below, the sewing machine has been flipped around, so now the flywheel is showing, not the decorative faceplate.  Same scene.  I do like the stainless dish drain.

And the grey-blue stencil mugs (also anthro?)  Can you still buy milk in a glass jar?  Milk must taste better if it comes out of a pretty glass jar, am I right?

Which brings us to episode 10, "7:15".  It was more Snow and Charming backstory and it was awesome.  I might have squealed a little at this:

(I have to admit I chuckled that the eighth drawf was named "Stealthy".  May he rest in peace.)

So this episode was filled with story both in Storybrooke and Fairytale Land.  Much of it straight out of a Harlequin romance novel.  We had MM falling off a cliff, surely to her death...

Only to be rescued in the nick of time by David, who said he couldn't let her go off on her own.

We had lots of tight head shots of lovely Snow/MM...

And Charming/David:

(The above during the ubiquitous Harlequin "OMG it's going to thunderstorm we must take cover in a super conveniently located abandoned cabin with plenty of dry firewood so we can build a fire and get you out of those wet things" moment.)

We had two or three of these that never came to fruition:

Thankfully we had something I've personally been waiting for, a bit of Red backstory.  How awesome that she's friends with Snow!

We had one fabulous sweater:

And one mysterious and handsome newcomer. With a typewriter.

Emma's puzzled.  Who is he in the book?  You just know that's what she's thinking.  That's what everybody's thinking.  (A Grimm?  Doesn't he know he's on the wrong network?)

And despite their denials and best intentions, one (tv) hour of missteps and almosts was finally enough to push them over the edge, and we hit paydirt.

Bout time.

(Madame Mayor was not amused.)

(and...There was a heartbreaking twist in Fairytale Land for Snow and Charming that I can't wait to see play out. I love how these are multi-dimensional stories.  You have to pay attention! )

New Once Upon a Time tonight!


  1. I might have to start watching this show... And yes, you can get milk in glass bottles! We get our milk delivered to our house by a local dairy in glass bottles. Makes me so happy!

  2. I adore the bow sweater! And the Tiffany blue beret! I'm going to Disney World this summer and I must find such a fabulously colored beret in France in Epcot! They had gobs of colors.

  3. The "Who Is Emma?" think is driving me nuts. I find myself mulling over fairy tales at work (which, to be truthful, isn't actually all that unusual... but still...) "Swan"? Must mean... something?


    New Typewriter Man is disturbing. Also very cute. But disturbing.

  4. Ack! I can't read this until H and I finish watching the most recent episode, but love the pictures. We love this show.

  5. I feel like writer man has got to be Henry's father under a fairy tale charm of some kind so he can recognize Emma, but not vice versa. I find him SMOKING btw.

    I think True North was the best episode so far. I loved that even the blind witch who'll eat little children was the gorgeous Emma Caufield. I just

  6. I love this show- I can't wait for the next episode!

  7. One thing. You said we got to see in Emma's bedroom in True North. It was Mary Margaret's.


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