Monday, January 02, 2012

Ottobre 5/11 #9 Top: In progress

Well let's just start off with a bang.  Best foot forward and all that.  I traced top #9 from  the Ottobre 5/2011 issue yesterday afternoon. (I wasted about 2 hours just trying to choose a project!)

I had a turquoise cotton interlock in my stash.  Unfortunately I underestimated the hem flair of this little top, so i didn't have quite enough fabric when I got to the sleeve piece.  I cut the rest of it out anyway and will make it sleeveless, using knit scraps for binding the armholes.  Not exactly what I wanted, but that's OK.  I have lots of cardigans!

I didn't have quite enough to do the full set of gathers in the CF either.  Now I'm stuck with a bit less gathering there, because I had already cut out the rest of the top.  I really wish I had done the CF first and had fewer/no gathers on the CB.  (Just FYI, I had almost 1.5 yards of fabric and 1.75 would have been perfect).

This top looks really voluminous in flat pattern sage.  I was hoping for a slimmer profile like in the magazine photo.  I'm glad I used a relatively thin interlock! 

Back to school for me today, so we're back on "after school and weekend" time frames.  It's Monday,  people!


  1. Wow! Back in school already? I can't believe they didn't give you Monday off at least.

    I love the turquoise color you are using! So fun.

  2. Anonymous8:13 AM

    I'm working on the same top!!! Too funny! Although I have had nothing but problems so far...forgot to add the seam allowances when tracing, could NOT figure out how much clear elastic I needed for gathering...completely did the yoke lining wrong...the list goes on and on....BUT I'm hoping to have it finished up we'll see if all those mistakes actually yield a wearable product LOL

  3. Love the turquoise and well done to find an Octtobre pattern worth cutting cloth.

  4. This one's next on my list after 5-2010-6. Interesting about the voluminousness, I think (especially at the upper ranges) Ottobre tends to have a lot of wearing ease in these tunic styles.

    I'm going to have to pick a different color for my version, I had turquois in mind too! Great minds and all that...

  5. I want to do more sewing from Ottobre this year - that's a really cute top. Can't wait to see it - what will you wear it with? g


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