Friday, January 13, 2012

the week in review...

Well... First I watched the entire first season of Downton Abbey.  How have I been missing this all this time??  PEOPLE.  You're supposed to CLUE ME IN.

I love Mary.  I loved to hate her at first...then I got to know her better and now she's my favorite.  I can't wait to see Season 2!  More on their fabulous fashions after I've had a chance to collect images of my faves.

Then I watched some Project Runway All Stars.





Yup, I broke my PR abstinence because so many of my favorites are there... Mondo, Michael, Sweet P, Kenley, Austin, Jerrell.  You know, I always loved April before, but I dislike her immensely in the 2 episodes of this All Star season.

Then I rewatched this season's episodes of Fringe because...  Peter and the gang return tonight!

Oh dear, how I've missed you.

It's the weekend!  I hope to do something productive this weekend.  Including working on a dress I've had in my head for a while, maybe one of these:
Butterick 5600
Butterick 5598

I've also been wanting to make some jewelry.  And I haven't written on my novel-in-progress in a few weeks.  The characters are starting to have conversations in my head throughout the day, which usually means they need to be taken for a spin.

That all sounds pretty ambitious though, so we'll see.  I'll be sure and keep you posted!


  1. So, that's what all the Facebook chatter is about! Costuming is amazing, I'd be happy to watch it on mute! Thanks for the reminder about all-stars, I'll watch it on the website later!

  2. Downton Abbey is amazing! I started out as a huge Mary fan but now I like Edith better. I'm actually doing a Downton Abbey sew along + costume documentation on my blog right now so feel free to pop over and check it out!

  3. OMFG how did you NOT KNOW ABOUT DOWNTON ABBEY?? You freak! How would I even know YOU DIDN'T KNOW?!?!

    ARGH? We could have been disecting the clothes for MONTHS.

    er. sorry. language.

    But I mean.... well.... jeez!

    I'm sort of liking Edith as well, but then I like the underdog. She's just sort of hopeless.

    How the heck do you spell "disecting"??

  4. You know I'm going to be looking for a blog post on Tuesday about the fabu dress you make this weekend, don't you?

    Oh, and I blame Beangirl for not telling you about Downtown Abbey because it's the first I've heard about it. Not to check out Netflix to see if I can watch it too.

  5. I just started watching Fringe this summer, and just finished up season 2 on DVD. I can't wait to catch up with you! I couldn't get hubby to watch Downton Abbey with me. Does it get more exciting after the first episode? Maybe I should just watch it on my own, like I do Project Runway.

  6. Logon to the PBS web page. Click on Watch Video, under Masterpiece. All of last season and the first episode of this season is in their video section.
    I love the clothes.
    you can pause the video and study the clothes.

  7. i had no idea you didn't know about downton abbey, i just assumed you would be watching it! i LOVE it, and i bought the costume book from amazon (it was only $20). i haven't looked at it yet, because it has some photos from season 2 and i don't want to be spoiled. i watch with some friends, and we are thinking of having a fancy dinner w/dressing up in costume for the season finale. yes, we are dorks. :)

    i am so happy with PR all stars. so nice to see things back to the way they used to be: design, minimal drama. i like the new judges too. new hostess? not so much.

    FRINGE!!! i must avert my eyes! my son and i wait for the season to be out on DVD before watching, so i must remain spoiler free....

  8. Yes i am so amzed by the costumes each week. They are almost over the top. I was shocked to see Elizabeth McGovern has gotten so mature! But she still has such a baby face. I love how her character wears red velvet during the day.

  9. If you do decide to make jewelery please post pictures. We would love to see your creations. P.s I also love the show Downton Abbey.


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