Saturday, January 21, 2012

Vintage Kitchen

As part of my Vintage Kitchen Spruce Up of 2012 (didn't I mention that? No?) I've been scooping up vintage kitchen pretties over the past couple of months.  The light was pretty today so I snapped a few shots to share.

I couldn't pick a favorite, but that little green bird is the sweetest.  It's a lone single from a salt and pepper shaker set, c. 1950.  The hen & nest is very small, only about 3.5 inches tall.

The full set of Tripp milkglass shakers (with original red metal stand!) was a find (and a steal) on etsy a month ago.  I was positively giddy (that bright turquoise in the corner was holding sweet peas for my lunch, it's a vintage Pyrex refrigerator dish).

Of course, I couldn't resist the Japanese kokeshi salt & pepper shakers when I saw them.  I love their little faces and bright colors.

My kitchen is settling into a jadeite and red colorway that I didn't expect or plan.  In fact, I was sure it was going to be yellow, turquoise/blue and red.  I'm actually considering painting my kitchen a soft jadeite color (and my cabinets bright white) as soon as it warms up this spring.

This kitchen (from my Pinterest board) is darling:

Of course Pinterest is an endless source of inspiration for all things!


  1. My kitchen is so close to being done in a 1950s upgrade that I can hardly stand it! My husband would so jealous of that black/white floor. However, I refused to wax that type of floor and got rolled vinyl. Those are some cute things you've picked up. I'm looking for some items in burgundy and yellow for my new kitchen.

  2. I love the jadeite and red! It's both fresh and retro. I've been wanting to paint my cabinets white, too, and I am so very ready for style trends to move away from stainless or black appliances.

  3. Cute! I love the colour combo. Also, I adore the bread holder in your Pinterest photo... Cute!

  4. That wee chicken is adorable. So, I assume I'm invited down to help bake some bread in the super vintage kitchen. Yes?

  5. I love those colors they are my favorites! Each little find is precious!


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