Friday, January 06, 2012



What a week.  I had 2 "Professional Development" days, 3 brand new classes of little children to educate (ha, "little" as in many of whom are taller than me), and an absolutely wonderful bronchitis/sinus infection to make the evenings a real pleasure.  (that last one was sarcastic. In case you didn't catch on.)

I even fell asleep halfway through this last night:

Project Runway All Stars
How awesome was it to see Sweet P and Mondo and Anthony!  And April and Kenley! I was always one of Kenley's biggest fans, and always suspected she was a victim of unfair editing during her season (which I think was later more blatant in Wretchen's season. Who was truly Wretched and no one will ever convince me otherwise. NO ONE disses Tim Gunn).


There was no progress on my Ottobre top.  But I plan to whip it up quick this weekend and then move on to something else, maybe something from my stack of Butterick/Vogue patterns (from the sale last week) or maybe a Colette pattern.  I'm really wanting to do a Colette pattern... I've also never blogged my finished Violet blouse, because it still needs buttons. (who else waits 4 months for buttons?)  I think I'll go with pearl and stop worrying about "perfect" so I can start wearing it!

Right now I'm starved so I'm going to veg and watch some of him

Fringe Returns Next Friday!!

and eat some of this

Happy Weekend!


  1. How do you get those outfit clips from tv shows? I watched that stupid new show this week where the guys cross dress to get a job. One of the girls (real girl) had on an adorable yellow floral dress with a mustard cardi - I think. Seee my memory is already fuzzy. g

  2. if you dare read a bunch of dissin on the gunn:
    i stopped. because he's tim gunn.

  3. Yea! Angie's sewing again. I can hardly wait to see what you've come up with.

  4. I watched that stupid new show this week where the guys cross dress to get a job.
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  5. I fell asleep during it, too. You can see te who's episode on th Lifetime website. I have 3 more weeks until I get new classes. Feel better!


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