Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Burda Style Magazine: 5/2012

Good grief, I love this issue!  (and while we're on the subject, is it me or has Burda Styles German website gotten even MORE convoluted and confusing?  I never did find the full preview of this issue.  Had to resort to Russian! You know it's bad if I'm deciphering Cyrillic characters!)

Sadly, none of the sites seem to have the line drawings up for this issue. Boo.

Now let's get to the best news...the Plus Sizes (sorry straight sizers).  Hands down, this is my favorite issue of the year for my size range.

First up, this gorgeous jacket.  So gorgeous I may in fact be persuaded to make a jacket for the first time since 2000.  (Seriously.)  I wish we had line drawings so you could see how pretty it is!

There is also this lovely lace pencil skirt with a waistband.  Be still my heart, I do love me a straight waistband.

A basic white blouse...I would need to fiddle with those sleeve bands.  They seem a tad out of proportion.

An adorable polkadot tie neck blouse:

A very hot shirtdress with fitted skirt. Paging Joan Holloway!

This lace sheath dress has very pretty lines (which you can't see in the fashion photo) but the peplum is...off.  Good thing it's removable!

This next dress has an adorable fitted peasant-style bodice with an a-line skirt.  A non-sack-like peasant dress!

The last dress in the plus section is beautiful too, a sleeveless "LBD" with pretty side pleating on the bodice and a V-neck.

I love every single plus size pattern.  Alot.  In fact, I may spend some quality time tracing in the next couple of weeks.

My faves from the straight sizes include this incredible pencil skirt...Oooh la la!!

And this very retro full skirt, with POCKETS!

So what were your faves, BS Subscribers??

Don't panic but... it appears BS may be disabling or discontinuing the archives. The French site had issues through 4/12 but not the Russian site. One of the country sites (Italy maybe?) is now redirecting back to the crappy German site and the Portuguese site is identical to the crappy German site.   I say, better grab those images while you can ladies! I plan to!


  1. I let my subscription go because I hadn't made anything and it got so expensive. But I love those plus garments! Any ideas on buying single issues? g

  2. I got mine today, too, and I LOVE this issue!!! I love the polka dot top and the pleated pencil skirt- do you think they might look good together? I also love dress #107 and #112- the solid version!

  3. You're gonna love me. Look what I found through patternreview boards:


    ...archives all the way back to 2001. May isn't up yet, though.

  4. I also love this issue! I considered leaving the sleeve bands off the blouse and adding a little place to the straight skirt or classic shirtwaist. I think I have just the fabric for the shirt waist! I wonder when the line drawings will be up. I include them in the Burda index I make every month.

  5. I love that jacket and pencil skirt too. This is a fantastic issue! Now to just find the time to sew!!

  6. You could use McCall's 6346 view A for the peasant dress if you wanted to avoid tracing. It looks very similar. The shirtwaist is amazing.

  7. I've already traced one of those out. La lee la lee, la la. Hopefully I'll have it done tomorrow night to show you. :)

  8. Anonymous7:46 AM

    I cannot find the skirt model 111 on the patterns. can anyone shed some light? is it missing?


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