Thursday, April 12, 2012

What I'm excited for...

Why I'm excited...

Well, let's see.  There's Captain America. 

And Thor.

And Iron Man.

Basically all my favorite clothing-optional superheroes. 

May 4th people!

  Happy Birthday to my MOM!!


  1. Happy Birthday Aunt Connie!

  2. WTH is up with the poster?? Is that supposed to be THOR? I started freaking out (well, in my head) because I thought maybe Chris Helmsworth had dropped out and I hadn't heard anything.

    Because basically, tht would be a tragedy of epic proportions.

    And in a related story: if The Husband texts me one more time today to ask me to look and see if it's out here yet, I may have to beat him to death with a plastic lightsaber.

    Um. We now have plastic lightsabers in our house. The Evil Monkeys are OBSESSED.

  3. happy birthday momma!!!!! what good company you're in.

  4. I am also waiting for this movie, ooh- la-la to all that eye candy! Happy birthday to your mom.

  5. I cannot WAIT for this movie!!!


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