Saturday, April 14, 2012

Vtg inspiration: Tara Starlet

You might need to squint on a couple of cheesy poses, to get to the super cute retro-inspired clothes from Tara Starlet (even the name is a bit of cheesecake).  But it's worth the effort!  Wearable retro.

Ready for some knockoff commentary?

This is a pretty, basic blouse.  The kind you need half a dozen of.   I have a vintage blouse pattern that would work, but Colette's Violet with Jasmine sleeves would be a good starting place in modern patterns.

Basic shirtwaist. My favorite shirtwaist pattern currently is a vintage mail order, but any basic shirt pattern can be shortened to the waist, and then add a gathered skirt to create your own shirtwaist.  Or, BurdaStyle magazine has had a few of these styles in recent years too.

This is so cute!  I love the V-neck and the slimmer fit.  I think Colette's Oolong is very similar.

Pencil skirt and basic blouse. Classic.  To your basic pencil skirt pattern, retro it up by adding non-functional buttons to the "pockets" (real or faux).

The top is very similar to Colette's Jasmine, and the skirt is beautiful! Maybe Retro Simplicity 3688?

Basic dirndl skirt and Colette's Violet blouse would be the perfect knockoff!

Perfect summer outfit!  I can't think of a modern pattern that has this dramatic collar, but a basic shirt pattern could work for a simple sleeveless white top, and Colette's new shorts pattern Iris would be great for the shorts.  Or if you already have the retro Simplicity 3688, the pants could be shortened to short length too, for a very vintage look.

I'm always on the lookout for cute vintagey pants.  They're universally more flattering than their contemporary counterparts.  I am particularly fond of exposed button sides or fronts.   (Functional or nonfunctional!)  These pants and shorts are adorable!

AND...the April 2012 BurdaStyle magazine has a pattern, #125, that is pretty darn close. It will get you closer than anything else I've seen out there!

Burda Style 4/12 #125

I'm sure there are other patterns you could use from the Big 4, and definitely from Burda Style.  I usually go for the vintage pattern options first...just because I get a better fit out of the box, and I have a pretty large stash.  

The great thing about ALL of these garments is that they are simple, basic shapes.  No crazy seaming or anything.  Basic, wearable shapes that won't go out of fashion quickly, yet still offer you options for personalizing to your own sense of style.  Yay for knockoffs!


  1. I love those v-neck polka dot dresses. Adorable. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Those are some great outfits! The first thing I thought when I saw the one top with the dramatic collar is the blouse that Karen from "Did you Make That" just made. Doesn't have the collar, but has pleats falling from the shoulder. Nice, dramatic, but easy to wear top.

    Love the stuff you picked - as always. Now to have enough time to actually sew stuff. UGH. g

  3. Ooooh those are all fantastic pieces!! Especially the gingham and polkadot dresses! I could have used most of this post for my Colette Palette Challenge mood board. Great stuff here :)


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