Saturday, April 28, 2012

Inspiration: Kris Nations

Lots of gifty opportunities coming up...Mother's Day, Graduations.  Assorted birthdays.  I'm in love right now with Kris Nations' jewelry.  I especially love them because they use recycled metals and everything is made in the USA!

My favorites...

State Pride Necklace

Orchid Earrings
Biltmore Hoops

Dahlia Double Chain Necklace

Arrow Bracelet

Chevron Cuff Bracelet
Pyrite Drops

Small Pluma Necklace

I'm not affiliated in any way with Kris Nations, I just really love their jewelry line and covet all of these (plus several other) pieces. And you already know I like to spread the news of cool indie designers who are practicing fair labor and looking out for this pretty blue planet!

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  1. Amber P5:54 PM

    have you ordered any of these? I love the state necklaces and the arrow bracelet. oh, hell, i want them all. But I want to know how they look in person before I buy too much.


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