Saturday, October 11, 2008


Twenty Dollar Saturday was a success! Wanna see what an Andrew Jackson buys in today's economy if you put your mind to it??

Firstly, I packed snacks. I didn't want to waste any of my moolah on eats and drinks.

Next, I stopped at the bank to pick up my $20. Must have been a conspiracy or something because I got 2 Alexander Hamilton's instead. Aha! Alex spends just the same as Andy. My plan can't be foiled that easy!

Next up...Oops. No really, that's the name of the store. It's a reseller of discontinued or overstock merchandise. And a TON of fun to browse around in because everything is dirt cheap. I fell in love with this little guy, the most expensive thing I bought all day:

See, me & the frog prince go way back. It started years ago when I lamented how I sure had kissed an awful lot of frogs in my time...where the heck was my prince anyway? It got to be a thing, and my girlfriends have been buying me frog prince's ever since. This one was just too cute to resist.

Oops Total: $4.92

Next up, the flea market! I have to be in the mood to enjoy flea marketing, and today wasn't exactly that day. But I did want a new book for reading on this lazy weekend I've got planned, and I also was hoping for a good magazine to thumb through. Score! This issue of Domino is even the Oct/2008 issue! And the book is by one of my favorite romance authors, LaVyrle Spencer.

October 2008 Issue of Domino = $1

Twice Loved by LaVyrle Spencer = $1

Flea Market Total: $2.18

I've been a little tired of my current selection of earrings. I am a loyal jewelry-wearer. I pick a good, classic pair and wear them every day. As such, I've got a gold pair of dangly hoops and a silver teardrop pair that I alternate. I've been wanting a little more flash and bling these days though.

Since I'd rather not blow the entire rest of my day's budget on sparkly dangly earbobs...a trip to Hobby Lobby was in order. Fate was smiling at me today because jewelry findings were 50% off! I picked up some ear hooks and eye pins, and some beautiful AB crystal beads. Sparkly, dangly earbobs coming right up!

Hobby Lobby Total: $4.87

Rue 21 just happens to be across the parking lot from HL, and they just happened to have some sidewalk sale racks today. Score again! Taupey-Gray tee, perfect for some rocking Urban Threads embellishment:

Rue 21 Total: $3.28

A Saturday outing just isn't an outing without a trip to Hancocks. Right? It really was my day because Buttericks & McCalls were both on sale for 99 cents today. My take? McCalls 5632, 5429, and 5631.

Hancock's Total: $3.24

Any math whizzes out there keeping a running total? Ya, I have $1.51 left. What am I going to find out there for $1.51?? Including tax? I thought about returning to the flea market. I had about 8 books in my hands before I decided to spread my money around.

Instead, I decided that since my luck had been so favorable all day, I'd try my local Wal-Mart, which has always carried the best overstock & mill end fabrics on the $1 table. (I know that's not true for most WM's, but we're very close to the distribution center which may make a difference. We get a lot of good stuff!)

Don't hate me because I'm lucky. But yes, 1.25 yards of beautiful pale lime, soft and buttery cotton knit came home with me.

Wal-Mart Total: $1.36

And the grand finale, Twenty Dollar Saturday Total is...

So there you have it folks. A complete day of shopping til dropping, all for under $20!


  1. Ohhh ... what a rush. 20 smackers and a ton of loot. You go girl.

  2. Wooo hoooo! Successful day especially if you got three patterns and some fabric!

  3. So were in the Fayetteville Hancock's today? If so, I was in there too buying up Vogues on sale. I guess I'm going back tomorrow to check out the knits.

  4. Love it! Great buys! That's my kind of "MY Day"!

  5. wow, I think I turn on my car engine and spend 20 bucks, this is truly awesome

  6. What a great idea! Shopping fix without the guilt!

  7. So cool! Good reads, shirt, earrings, patterns and fabric! And I'll try not to hate you for your $1 knit.=) I use to get great finds at the dollar table till they axed the dept.

  8. What a great post! That sounds like it was a lot of fun!

  9. Anonymous7:58 PM

    I love the $20 spending spree idea (you really got a lot for your money)! And that frog is so adorable!

  10. You did just fine! I'm a sucker for sparkly, dangling earrings too.


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