Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I've started 2 projects (3 if you count Halloween) this past week. First I started Simplicity 3673, a retro jumper/dress.

I'm all over retro patterns and vintage patterns (as you well know!) I'm having fit issues with this one though. The wide almost -boatneck is just not cooperating in the back. And if I get it right in the back, then I have issues in the front. If you look close at the pattern photo though, the same issues are going on in the sample dresses.

I put it aside to percolate and started the super cute knit top in the October BWOF. 10-2008-114:

This should have been an easy top, start to finish. Heck it's got cut-on kimono sleeves even! But my fabric presented the first isse. It was an odd width (48") and so not wide enough on the fold. So I had to make center seams for lower front & back, and upper backs. That's not that big an issue. Until I forgot to stitch the CB in the upper sections before attaching to the fronts. Which also wouldn't be a big deal if I had remembered to bind the neckline FIRST!!! I had to pick the entire seam out.

Grrr. Arrggh.

Setting it aside until the Queen of Hearts is finished, which should be tonight.


  1. Good luck at it tonight.

  2. hey Ang - it's "Dogs on Thursday" can we have some basset love? g

  3. Oh, gosh, I have that Simplicity pattern... should I ditch it?

  4. You're a woman after my own heart. Those are in my cue too. Although I'll be ditching the Simplicity pattern and using BWOF as the template and just adding the details. I love that knit top too. I am trying to sew from stash which means using up all the woven I have stocked up. It will have to wait.

  5. While looking for a boys jacket pattern in my stash, I did see this dress pattern. It's so cute, so I'm sure to be looking for your review when you get it done. I hate fitting surprises!


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