Saturday, October 25, 2008

Queen of Hearts (pt 1)

Just a quick peek at Lu's Halloween costume! It's about 1/2 finished...but cute as heck. You can't see the whole thing (patience is a virtue) but you CAN see a couple of my favorite parts.

Tiny Top Hat

For size perspective, here's the hat sitting in my palm:

Here's how I made it! I took a small, round paper mache box and discarded the lid. That became the tall portion of the hat. I took apart the lid to a larger, round paper mache box, removing the rim. The circle left became the base of my hat. I hot glued the top to the base & painted the whole thing gloss white. On the second coat of paint (while wet) I sprinkled the entire hat with clear, superfine glitter. And boy does it GLITTER:

Then I just glammed it up some more with ribbon, maribou & a red silk rose. If I can find a mini pack of playing cards (party favor section) then I'll be tucking a Queen of Hearts card in the band behind the rose & feather.

The main portion of the skirt will be petals, with faux-applique hearts in reverse colors. I'm just fusing and the gluing trim around the edges. Not taking the time to actually applique them by machine! The underskirt is red tulle.

The underskirt is almost finished (Lu tied the tutu herself!) The petals are all heart-fused and cut out, and the white ones all stitched & ready to press. Now its on to stitching the red petals & starting the top (which is very simple!)

(Thank Goodness it's the Weekend)


  1. So Cute! I LOVE this little hat! I can't wait to see the finished costume!

  2. That's going to be sooo freaking cute.

  3. I want a hat like that. Off with her head and give it to ME! ^_^ sounds like a darling costume. I'm trying to get Zorro and the Joker finished here (trick or treat is tomorrow!!!11!!).

  4. That is going to be an adorable costume. I wish my parents had been that crafty and creative! i can't wait to see it. g

  5. Wow, I can't wait to see the entire finished project! My little witch won't even come close to that one!!!

  6. Anonymous1:45 AM

    This little hat is looking super cute..! Looking forward to seeing the Halloween costume when you've finished.


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