Saturday, October 04, 2008


I'm coming out of the closet. I watch disaster movies while I sew. My favorites are the world-ending ones like Armageddon or Independence Day or The Core. But I'll even watch less action-packed ones like Apollo 13 (Ok, I'll admit that has more to do with my crush on Tom Hanks. And Gary Sinise.)

And can we get a big woot for Netflix!? I'm addicted to watching on my laptop, and it sure was nice today while I was sick & achy to lounge on the couch & pick out movies to amuse myself.

I didn't waste a Saturday tho...since the plan is to lounge in my pj's for the entire weekend, I decided a new pj top might be in order. I set up the embroidery machine and let it do the work while I concentrated on saving the world (you know, vicariously and all that.)

Here's a close up of the design:

It's from a fairly new embroidery company called Urban Threads that I ran across last week. This little design was calling my name (along with a few more you'll be seeing soon I'm sure.) Stitched up perfect (the outline is off intentionally.)

It's kinda hard to do anything when you can't turn your head to the right. Or to the left. Yes, the neck & ear still hurt. But I really DO feel better! Thanks for all the well wishes (and antibiotics. Thank you Lord for antibiotics.)

Disaster film of the day. (Which kinda sucked. Not in a good way either.)

Listening to THIS.


  1. OK, that Urban Threads company is the first thing that has ever made me want an embroidery machine, EVER. So yeah, thanks, Angie.

    Thanks a lot.

  2. LOL!! I do what I can. :D

  3. Love the PJ top! Too cool!

  4. first -- is The Core that movie with Hilary Swank that they drill to the center of the earth because it's stopped rotating or something like that? oy, that was a BAD movie! (but armageddon? <3 affleck, willis, billy bob, deliciousness)

    second -- that is a DARLING embroidery! oh, i want a machine now too. i did a Bite Me embroidery from Subversive Cross Stitch for a friend for christmas.

  5. That is CUTE embroidery!

    Last night DH told me there was "nothing" on TV. Yeah, right, satellite with 200+ channels that I hardly ever watch. He's flipping throught the guide and mentions "Notebook". And I said, "Yes, I was just thinking about that movie two days ago, and that I wanted to rent it again!" DH said we shouldn't watch it because it's too depressing. I said, "But it's a love story, beginning to end." SO romantic. So we watched it yesterday, holding hands and doing our own reminiscing. Then at the end he says, "Now I'm depressed and won't be able to fall asleep easily." But I fell asleep like a charm because it's such a lovely love story and I'm a sucker for those romantic movies.

  6. A kindred spirit! I am a disaster movie nut too! I love me some apocalypse-- especially when it's cheeztastic. :) I've also been loving the Urban Threads designs too, but only from afar. But your pj top is so cute, I may have to go get some.

  7. I don't have an embroidery machine but now I may need one! :)

  8. How cute! I don't have a cupcake in my embroidery librabry though (small tear running down my face). It's something to add to my christmas wish list. :)

    I'm a sucker for made for tv movies. So while I sew if I don't have the radio on, I'm watching those, or VH1. lol. :)


  9. Oops, I meant library.



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