Thursday, October 30, 2008

Queen of Hearts pt 2

A little costume-y update! The skirt & underskirt are finished (yay!) and we (Lu & me) are just plain old declaring this one done.

Photog'd on a full size dressform. Use your imagine to picture it on an 11 year old!! Although we originally envisioned a little vest or bustier type top to wear over a plain white tee, for the sake of time (and mom's sanity) we decided a Flo-inspired heart pin to wear on said white tee would work just as well!



And just a reminder of the little hat, now hot glued to a french barette, to be pinned at a saucy angle on Lu' s head tomorrow night.

Whew. Now bring on the chocolate!

ps...I'll update with a photo of the girl wearing it later!

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  1. still no photos of the lazy girl. (I'm talkin' bout the dog - people!) The costume is fab! I think it looks wonderful.

  2. Anonymous8:26 PM

    Adorable!! I love the whole idea of this costume!

  3. Darling dress and I had totally forgotten about Flo. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  4. What a cute ensemble!!! Kudos. :):):):)

  5. so cute, I love the hearts

  6. This costume is adorable!!!
    You're blog is fun!

  7. Oh - you are a goooood mama. Nice work!

  8. Great, and I mean GREAT costume. Absolutely love the skirt! The hat is the piece d' resistance!

  9. Darling with a capital D!


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