Sunday, October 12, 2008


Jenna, you had us at Bjorn. If you haven't read Jenna's apology, go HERE and read it, it's a hoot. Thank you all for playing along! It was great fun and we had a hard time choosing a favorite. Jenna, if you will send your mailing address to jemimabean at gmail dot com, I'll get your book in the mail this week!

This afternoon I tinkered with my assortment of jewelry pliers & my new beads, & came up with this piece of finery:

Sparkly, dangly earbobs. As promised.

And then I gathered up some favorite patterns to pick out a new project. I turn my back for TWO SECONDS and this is what I find.

Me: "Fat Kitty! Have you no shame?"

Fat Kitty: "I don't understand a thing you say sometimes."


  1. Oooh wow! Excellent, thanks! I will email post haste! If you think that is a fat kitty, my kitty must be set for the Greenhaven fat kitty rehab facility because he is.....far more gordo! Thanks again, I am so excited about the book!

  2. Fat kitty was obviously overcome with emotion at the pattern bounty laid before her (him?). We all get a lot of pleasure out of sewing, it's just that Fat Kitty was a bit more literal in the expression of that pleasure!

  3. Congrats Jenna!

    I'm too curious about that book now, I'll have to go b&n to check it out!

    Funny cat! Mine does that too. She likes to lay on top of my patterns and fabric as I'm cutting it. I don't understand what the appeal is. But they look hilarious!


  4. Lovely earrings! And I'd LOVE to borrow a cat...


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