Thursday, January 07, 2010


Baby, its cold outside. I'm off today (sort of unexpectedly) so I have Free. Time. Woot!

I'll be working on this:

That's the new one I just picked up (also unexpectedly) over the weekend. I think I'm going with the houndstooth.

The muslin was fast and easy, so I hope to have a photo to share shortly.

And currently I'm watching this, which is pretty appropriate actually:

I love this whole outfit, but if I could knit, my next project would be this hooded sweater!

I adore Sandra Dee. Gidget was my favorite movie when I was 13. Maybe i'll watch it again today!

THEN...because I always envision much longer days than currently exist in my universe, I'm going to muslin this:

Ooh, I'm excited. It's so retro and vintage-y and perfect!! I have at least 3 pieces of fabric I'd like to see made up as this dress!

Speaking of Colette patterns, I've had a Beignet skirt in progress for more than a week out of a long-stashed brown velveteen. (Yummo.) But its giving me fits at the hemming stage (mostly because of my fabric choice for lining) and I'm setting it aside for a better day.

Or at least a day with a little more patience and a little less "Woot I'm off sort of unexpectedly so lets SEW!"


  1. Ooooh! So much sewing yumminess in this post! I want to stay home and sew and watch old movies today!! I got the Ceylon for Christmas - I need to make it soon, but I'm waiting to discover fabric that speaks to me.

  2. I got the Ceylon dress for Christmas too, and I cannot WAIT to sew it up. I am trying to decide whether to muslin it or just jump in.

  3. hate you hate you hate you.

    That houndstooth is going to be super-fab, I think. (And you could totally learn how to knit that hoodie, come on.)

  4. Love Sandra Dee too. Can't wait to see your finished dress.

  5. That houndstooth will be fabulous in your vintage pattern. I love houndstooth, and am currently making something out of it myself.

    I wonder if you will wear one of your cute little hats with it?

    I loved Sandra Dee too. Her Gidget movies always left me wishing I could be little like her, which I never was. I remember the movie that you are watching now.

  6. We have to arrange a swap of some sort, cause I would be happy to send you whatever for just a tracing of that me, we need to talk! Okay, email me! *LOL* I'm sure I have something I can trade!

  7. So, jealous! I want an unexpected day off, too! And I'll take some of that houndstooth and that Colette pattern, too...

  8. Your pattern choices are super :) and that sweater is gorgeous!

    Look forward to seeing them done up.

  9. Your fabric will make up into a beautiful dress!

  10. Linda8:09 PM

    I just discovered your blog and I'm so glad I did. You are a hoot!

  11. Wow, that dress is going to look fantastic in the houndstooth...I have seen a lot of houndstooth this season, and what a perfect way to make a retro pattern wonderfully current!


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