Friday, January 15, 2010


(Thank God it's Project Runway)

They're back! In NYC! And Nina & Michael are there! That LA season must have just been a bad dream.

I actually loved the winner for a change. (Emilio)

This was Lu's favorite (Seth Aaron):

And I loved this one too. (Pamela) Obviously her sketch didn't end up even remotely resembling her final garment! Makes me wonder why a bathing suit was the garment she would choose to represent her as a designer??

and this was very Art Deco cool too: (Jonathan)

PR! Its been a long time. I've missed you! (Even though you were technically on just a few weeks ago but so lame we will Never. Speak. Of. LA. Season. Again.)


  1. I am so happy that PR is on again!!! I really like most of the designs. I hated the one with the red chiffon thing draped around the model. I can't remember the designers name. I thought she would be the one to go, but instead she was one of the favorites. I really agree that the blue dress was bad, too, though.

  2. I thought the alligator dress was sure to go! And, Ping was a favorite? Wow.

  3. Ping...hmmm...we shall see. I think Anthony is already getting under Heidi's skin!

  4. OH MAN!!!! My tivo missed this... I don't know how, but thanks to you... I have the re-run recording this afternoon. Can't wait to watch it!!!

  5. I am SO happy to see PR back in NY! Yay! I love Tim--don't we all? It will be interesting to see what Ping does even though I wouldn't wear her style. She definitely has a different asthetic.

  6. OK so totally skipping over the PR stuff because I haven't watched it yet (ah DVR, I love you) but I just HAVE to give you this link because girl, if you don't have it already, you so need it.

    This is the coolest toy ever.

  7. LOL, in NZ we haven't even had the 'season that shall not be mentioned' yet as far as I know. I guess I won't get upset if I miss it then. :)


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