Wednesday, January 20, 2010

slip envy.

I'm currently in love with vintage lingerie, slips in particular. These photos are all from previous ebay auctions and etsy shops.

Pretty full slips...

Lovely half slips. I especially love the ones that have all the embellishments and frippery. That no one ever sees when your clothes are on!!

I've got this 1940s Advance pattern:

I think a bunch of vintage inspired slips in a variety of colors is in my near future. And just think how fabulous you'd feel knowing you had such pretty underwear on. It would be like a little secret.


  1. I love that red one (and who doesn't love some racy red underwear?).

  2. Oh, I'm so with you on this! I have a rather large collection of vintage slips. They don't fit me, I just love them and use them for inspiration.

  3. Oh! I love them, too!
    I have an old slip of my granny's that you would love.
    scroll down.....

  4. I love those slips. I need one like the 4th one to go under a skirt I am going to make.

  5. A girly-girl definitely needs such lucious slips under her dresses and skirts.

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  7. I'm old fashioned enough that if I have on a dress or skirt I have on a slip. None of mine are nearly as pretty as these, though.


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