Monday, January 04, 2010

vintage pattern love!

As promised, my recent flea market haul! **this is an image-heavy post, but such yummy images!**

These four were from the first flea market I hit:

I am loving the romper. I know I'm 3 decades past rompers, minimum, but I'm thinking there may be life in those shorts at least. They're so dang cute!

Then at the next flea market I found so many I actually had to pick & choose which to buy. I chose mostly top patterns, because I hardly ever find those. Some of the envelopes are in really bad shape, but the patterns seem complete.

And I cannot resist cute vintage pj's. Plus, the pants are FABULOUS. I am muslining these asap. (and again, I can always use cute short patterns!)

And here's my last top pattern I got, or thought I was getting. I was the most excited about this one because it is already in MY SIZE! And...the envelope is like new. It's definitely 40s, the envelope even says "McCall" not "McCalls". And the blouse is just my style, different collars (including a mandarin and a little tie collar!! Be still my heart.) And gathered shoulders?? I couldn't wait to get home and trace this one off.

Then when I did get home and carefully open it, I found...NOT McCall 5885. Oh, the instruction sheet was in there, but the pattern wasn't. Drat it. That's the rub with flea markets!! What WAS in there was 3 more patterns...These in fact:

The last one is either Anne Adams or Marian Martin, mail order companies (I tried looking it up online but found conflicting info. I'm leaning towards Anne Adams. That's how AA numbered their patterns far as I can tell, even though the MM pattern is also very similar.)

I'm actually really in love with 4797, the roll collar dress. It is exactly in my size and I already made a muslin! The pattern itself was in factory folds, never been used and is like new. It also fits like a glove. I made a slight width adjustment to the back, lowered the darts a bit, and enlarged the sleeve 1/2". NO FBA!!! I guess I shoulda been born in the era of pointy bras and girdles. HA.

I can't wait to make it for real! It's perfect for a tweed I've been wondering what to do with. Or maybe that black & white houndstooth under my bed that's been calling my name.

Too bad I have to go back to work tomorrow... Sad. And I was on a roll.


  1. Ooh, I love the 4797 too. Great haul!

  2. OMG! I think the dresses out of the blouse pattern might be the best yet! I love the first one - fabulous. However, I can't wait to see 4797 and what you do with it. g

  3. Ha. And I suppose you think this just proves your whole "cloud always has a silver lining glass is half full" attitude, right?

    Those three bonus patterns are the BEST! Love that wrap dress and the last one too. Can't wait to see!!

  4. Can I just say, Holy Shit! What a great haul! That last dress, well, I wish it were in MY size so you could send it to me. Dammit!

  5. Hi,
    I just found your blog tonight and I LOVE the font you use in your heading. It looks like a French handwriting type of font. Can you tell me the name of it? (please send to: lilacthirteen (at)


  6. Oh so fabulous!! A disappointment about the blouse pattern, but those dresses are awesome!! What a haul!

  7. Excellent haul. I am incapable of saying no to a gorgeous vintage pattern and I see you are too! :)

  8. Great patterns! You have a lot to dream over, and you probably count patterns instead of sheep!

  9. Awesome haul. Get to work when you can on the mail order one, I am curious to see it made up. I have always wondered about making some of those vintage blouse patterns, say a 40's style, like a kimono sleeve on one of yours in red/white, in a not-so-stretchy knit, thus modernize it for comfort and ease and eliminate all those buttonholes.

  10. WOW!!!! I've never been to a flea market before... but you are making me want to go! What finds. I love the last one, too.

  11. I love them all! I always tuck my vintage patterns away but I really should use them! That last dress is really great.

  12. Wow, what a haul! The only patterns I ever find are ugly ones from the 70s.

  13. The last one is definitely Anne Adams - everything is printed like all the rest of my AA's patterns are..and I'm so jealous right now that I can barely type through the haze of green!


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