Saturday, January 30, 2010

we sew vintage.

I'm taking on a new endeavor and I'm hoping many of you will join me! As you know, I've been trying to sew more of my vintage pattern stash, because I think its sad to leave them all sitting in a box in the back of my closet.

To inspire me, I search for sites or blogs that feature projects made from vintage patterns. There are a lot of bloggers out there who sew vintage! That's awesome! It got me cool would it be to have a single blog or site that ONLY featured vintage sewing projects from a variety of contributors?

There is a similarly themed blog out there, Sew Retro. Lots of good things there and its worth a visit! But they feature all sorts of topics, not just in-progress or finished projects. I decided to narrow the focus a bit, and...I created my own. Why not?!

Currently, the blog is located at Wordpress, because I really like their setup and the ability to create multiple pages. I think that (after the initial differences if you use blogger) its easier and quicker to post too! (But just in case Wordpress proves too difficult for people to adjust to, I've reserved the blogger address too.) You can visit We Sew Vintage by clicking here.

If you'd like to join the blog, it's open to everyone who loves to sew vintage! You'll have to sign up with Wordpress first, but it's free, simple and quick.

I wanted to invite all my blogreaders first! I know there are many of you who make gorgeous vintage things and post them on your own blogs for our enjoyment. I'll still be doing that here too, I won't be leaving this blog or posting less. I just wanted to create a place where everyone can go and enjoy vintage garment inspiration, and to share with like-minded people.

I hope you'll join me!


  1. now I wish i sewed vintage. never in the in Crowd. :-P

    very cool

    LOL and my word ver. is "lescul". Les Cul, indeed.

  2. I am sewing my very first vintage dress RIGHT NOW, so I have decided to join your new site. Maybe it will be the kick in the pants I need to start taking photos, reviewing, etc for my projects.

  3. Anonymous8:03 PM

    I would love to join. I am trying to use more of my vintage patterns! thank you for hosting.

  4. Fun! I never sew vintage (well, almost never) but I am subscribing.

    My word is "menerva". Why, thank you Menerva.

  5. Ohh, shunned! : (

    Whose leg to I have to break to get a link on your 'Vintage Pattern Goodies' sidebar there? I have vintage pattern goodies galore...

  6. I find Sew Retro lacking only because of the amount of blog spam - people post a picture of a pattern envelope, or no pictures at all, and just link back to their own blog, hoping for more traffic.

    Will this be the same sort of thing?

  7. Gill, thanks for asking! If you'd like more info my email is on the We Sew Vintage blog (intro post). But in a nutshell, NO. I specifically asked in the intro that interested bloggers heed that rule. The only time pattern photos should appear is with a related garment post. Ditto posting. We want a blog that only features actual vintage garments made from vintage patterns. Period! :) I hope you'll join us!

  8. I actually enjoy seeing the pattern envelope, but I'd kind of like to see both the envelope AND the finished garment.

    I don't mind clicking through a link to someone's blog to see detail shots, but about 3/4 of the time, when you click for detail, you see the exact same two pictures (pattern envelope and finished garment) along with news about their cat's latest escapades and their husband's general stupidity.

    I get it, cats are funny and husbands often aren't well liked (though good heavens, why would you tell the world that?) but really, I want information on how the garment went together, or where they found the vintage fabric, or how they cried when they were trying to set the sleeves. These are the things that matter!

    That said, I'm always quite pleased to admire cat pictures at the end of an interesting post, but really, that should be gravy, not the main course.

    Thus spake she who has no blog.

  9. Yea! Now I might actually sew some of those vintage patterns that are currently taking up way too much space in my home.

  10. @Gill...YES. You & I are on the exact same page! I just want vintage garment posts on the We Sew Vintage blog, and yes, I want details and garment shots and pattern info/photos. I'm probably asking for a lot! HAHA! But I know that most if not all of the women who have signed on so far do exactly that in their OWN blogs, so now they just have to put a copy of those fabulous posts on the We Sew Vintage blog and the rest of the vintage pattern loving world has a place to go look at all of them in one spot! :) That's my hope anyway...

  11. Fantastic idea! I'm hopping over to sign up!


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