Saturday, January 02, 2010


Had a weekend of "junking", or perusing the local flea market stalls! I found some real gems. You know how it is, either feast or famine. Am I right?

Vintage feedsacks. Everywhere. Had to limit to these 3, in near perfect, yummy vintage condition.

Hats are my weakness. You know. Among other things.

It don't matter if it's black or white. (hee.)

Gorgeous baby slip.

Three rows of the tiniest tucks, 6 tucks each row.

Swiss beading, entredeaux and lace. Be still my heart.

Don't be surprised if you see this end up in a project. If you're a vintage clothes purist, look away when the time comes. (**Note: There's a hole in the bodice. I'm not that cruel.)

(Which you totally can't see in the shot above, but its such a pretty picture and showcases my darling pink vintage baby hanger. )

Some really, truly fabulous vintage patterns also made their way home with me. I'll save those for another post after I've scanned them. Sadly, I'm still obsessing about the ones I left behind...I'm sick I tell you.

Another obsession I care nothing about curing...

O.M.G. Sing it, baby.


  1. Oh wow! Such a haul! I'm going to just grit my teeth over that baby slip... grit grit grit. LOL

    And you are right about one thing (just the one, mind): quilting calico does work pretty well with a certain type of skirt or shirtdress pattern. I just don't wear those (see endless blog about why I'm sick and tired of what I can and can't wear and now I'm going to be anorexic yadda yadda yadda) so I sometimes forget that part in my Rules About Quilting Fabric.

    Kidding about the anorexic. Obviously.

    Verification: "aricas". I swear that is a REAL word. I just can't think what it means.

  2. You know how sometimes you get to where you communicate with people so often about the same subjects that you develope a sort of shorthand and then when other people see or hear it they think you're totally psychotic or something? I think my last comment may have just hit that mark.

    Seriously? "Inwingli" I mean, com on. ingwingli?

  3. Nice score! I love your hats. I bet you are cute as a button in them!

  4. Oh my gosh! That baby slip is out of this world! Nice score! Can't wait to see the patterns, once I'm over being ridiculously jealous that you found patterns in a thrift store. So would never happen in my neck of the woods!

    Is it odd that I had no difficulty decifering beangirl's comment? Hmm.

  5. Anonymous7:38 AM

    what treasures! and i love the aqua painted chair with pink cushion--gorgeous! I adore hats too.

  6. It's all great, but that! I really love that cream silk hat.

    I would definitely swan around the neighbourhood in that and not care if I looked a bit zany for late 30s or not!

  7. What treasures you have found. The baby slip is beautiful!


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