Friday, June 11, 2010

summer day 2.

New summer purse, via my local flea market:

(note how the yummy goldenrod color was throwing off the tint of the photo though...the bottom portion of the wall in that pictures is the more accurate wall color!)

Please tell me why even though I have two NEARLY finished UFO's, all I want to do is start something new? Maybe involving vintage feedsacks and scruffy old laces?

Or polka dots in blues and sunny yellow begging to be a pert little pocket on a new-but-thinks-it's-a-vintage-Laura Ashley-print??

Hmmm? Why does that happen?

Good thing I'm off tomorrow. And the day after that. And the day after that. And the day after that...and the, well, you get the picture.

OH! The cactus bloomed today...only happens once a year and I've been waiting for it! Oh, you weren't? Sorry. I took a picture for you anyway.

(Unusual choice for a farm dog, but we'll keep her.)

Now, I gotta run. I just popped the yummy Chris Pine in the dvd player. He & I have afternoon plans. We're cutting into that Not-Laura-Ashley print and thumbing our noses at the pile of UFOs. What? You wouldn't pair Star Trek, large rose print, and cheeky dotted pockets?

Well, I live on the edge.

Priscilla asks: "Have you stopped and smelled the flowers yet today?"


  1. "Honey it is just not necessary to brag about the fact that you are off for the summah" said in my best southern drawl...ummm, I've turned pea green over here...I'm soooooo jealous!

  2. Your purse has an aura around it! That must be a lucky sign! enjoy your summer. I hope you get to do all the things you're wishing to do.

  3. Of course, you are completely aware that yes, I WOULD pair Star Trek and large rose prints and well... just about anything.

    Chris Pine (despite being a mere infant) loves me. ME, ya hear?

    Oh fine, he can love you instead. I'll resign myself to Daniel Craig (who is joining me tonight while I make a t-shirt).

    PS You're also aware that I still hate you, right? Some people! Lazy bums who DON'T WORK ALL SUMMER. Hmmph.

  4. Once upon a time - I wanted to be a teacher, but I got smart and now I have to work all summer. So much for smart.

    Can't wait to see what the unusual combo turns out.

    Priscilla sure is a sweet thing. g

  5. <>

    UFOs are very sociable, and feel threatened when their numbers shrink. So the closer you are to finishing something, the more they inspire you to start something new.

    That's my theory, or excuse.

    Great new purse, BTW, love the braided straps.


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