Friday, February 04, 2011

pushing daisies & a vtg mccalls

Do you know what Netflix is most especially good for? 

Snow Days.   And catching up on tv shows you forgot about or never had the chance to meet.
We've been off all week here what with our little blizzard and all.  (It's snowing again today.)   Lu & I have been watching Pushing Daisies on instant play.

I am SO in love with Chuck's entire closet!  I've been busy compiling screencaps to plan my spring and summer wardrobe.  Some of my favorites...


I love the full, feminine, swishy skirts and fitted bodices.  And the abundance of yellow.  I just bought several shirting and lawn prints from, at least 3 pieces in yellow, so this was pure serendipity. I also have saturated greens and blues, mostly stripes, checks and simple florals.  I was channeling Chuck and I didn't even realize it!

I have plenty of patterns to choose from, including this gorgeous McCalls:

And I'm ready to muslin my square neck sundress (bodice only) one more time after the last few changes. Then I'll be cutting out my first Pushing Daisies dress, I think a bright green check first.  I'm digging through stash but so far I haven't found a cute 50s shirtdress...odd.  That seems like something I should have in stash! Etsy time! 

I am also digging around to find a suitable fabric for this lovely:

It is also very "Chuck-like", don't you think?  I have a size 15, so I had to grade up and do an FBA first.  Here is my first muslin:

Note the snazzy knit pj pants. ;)  The fit was pretty darn good.  The sleeve is a tad too tight, so I did a simple slash and spread on front and back sleeves to add a 1/2" to each.  Up there on my shoulder you might be able to see a "dart" I have pinned out.  With this type of cut-on cap sleeve, that bunchiness is inevitable, but I did attempt a small fisheye dart here to remove some of that.  I had to rotate it into the waist darts. 

I also lowered the waist darts another 2".  Whoops.  Forgot to do that on the traced/graded pattern I guess!  The neckline lies perfectly against me (I keep experiencing this with vintage patterns which makes new patterns less appealing, let me tell you!) in front and back.  There is a tiny bit of pulling at bra level in back, so I did add a bit there, as shown in my last post I think (the Rasband book). 

Lastly...a swayback adjustment.  I really don't have much of a swayback, I have a short waist and usually petite patterns in back.  Sometimes in front too, but I typically need additional length over my bust anyway, so in a weird way, a swayback adjustment works better on some patterns than petiting.  If that makes any sense.  I'm not even muslining again, this one's ready for fashion fabric! 

I leave you with pretty snow and visitors outside my window...


  1. Okay - I have to find that show and figure out screen shots. Could you just build my wardrobe? fine the fabric, pattern and tell me what to make - I'll follow your style sense anywhere! I love all of those dresses!

    Enjoy the snow - would you send some to Seattle? g

    ps - word verification: imeansue

  2. I love netflix instant play! I just finished Pushing Daisies last week and was so bummed out that its over! :( Chuck has the best style although I do kind of love Olive's 60's dresses too! I went to the fabric store last night in search of a pretty yellow with no luck at all! They're all very -yellow!!!- I have another fabric store so I'll check there but I'm dying for a pretty yellow dress for spring. Good luck with your sewing adventures. I can't wait to see the finished projects! :)

  3. I adore pushing daisies! I have season 1 on DVD but have yet to find season 2. Might have to check it out while it's on netflix!

  4. Awww... great birds!

    You are getting so much done. I love that blouse pattern, please make me one too. I mean, you're already cutting it all out and stuff, you can just add another one for me, right?

    This weekend: Will. Make. Clothes. Definitely.

    ps i really like G's wordver. Way better than mine, which is "benes". how boring is that?

  5. great post! love those screen shots and your vintage patterns. wish i had a reason to wear dresses =)

    we have been watching more netflix streaming of late. am wondering if you have any buffering issues? some days my son watches his stuff just fine, no issues and then another day we can't get thru a movie without having buffer issues 5x!!!! any ideas on whats up with that?

    keep up the great sewing. and stay warm.

  6. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Love, love, love this show - I'm a sucker for anything whimsical and makebelieve!

  7. Never seen that show, but the wardrobe is killer! Stay warm, and keep making pretty things! I got 2 days off this week, but returned today.

  8. Okay, I've got to go watch Pushing Daisies, just so I can see all those lovely dresses. We're still snowed in here...snow days, sew motto.

  9. I headed over here from Debi's blog...and am glad I did!

    Thanks for the tip on Pushing Daisies. I had never seen that show before, but am right now watching it on my TV thru Netflix. Fun!

  10. Those little birds sent Leonard Cohen's Bird on a Wire into head and I can't get it out! Love the frock shots.

  11. How long has it been since they canceled the show, and I'm still depressed about it! Love Chuck's wardrobe, not just the dresses, but the matching coats, shoes, hats and wonderful accessories. Can't wait to see what you come up with!


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