Wednesday, February 09, 2011

snowmageddon. and gingham.

I've lived here quite a while (30 years? haha) and I don't think I've ever seen the snow come down this fast or this deep.  This is what I call Crazy Snow. 

When I open the back door, I see this:

When I open the front door, I see this:

And Priscilla jumps in.

So her face looks like this:

My poor little car is stuck in the garage with 21" (and counting) behind her:

But I'm lucky because during last week's snowpocalypse, I muslined this:

And Sunday I cut it out in this:

ps...I think poor Stick Girl got snowed in, in town.  Stick Girl, call me!

Stay warm everyone!!


  1. Yeah, well your cold weather is blowing in down here now - we just got hit with winds, rain and dropping temps in the last hour or two, may get ice, but this is So Tx, it won't be like OK. I love that pattern, at least you are working on something - I can't get motivated. But I did list some vintage patterns for sale on etsy, lots in 38 and 40 busts, you may want to peek - LadybugDuds on etsy. Have fun sewing!

  2. Wow, that is a lot of snow! Here in SLC we get snow pretty frequently (every week or two) but we haven't this winter gotten more than ~10" at a time. I love your bright yellow gingham; you're ready for spring, aren't you? :)

  3. Girl, I think you got more snow than we did! And we got a LOT! This weather has been crazy! But here's to using the snow days to get lots of sewing done!

  4. It is a crazy winter! So much for global warming--the polar bears are in the wrong place!!

  5. Oh your snow looks lovely. Are you going crazy yet? Where's my Stella with all this snow? Warm at your folks?

    Stay warm and sewing. It's all good. g

  6. That pattern looks adorable! I can't wait to see how yours turns out.

  7. Always a bright side to the chaos. You get to sew!!!!

  8. our snow in E TN looked like and overlay of sheer white lace over a fabric of mottled green and tan fabric. I was disappointed.


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