Thursday, May 26, 2011

Green with Envy

You know what I seriously can't wait for??

Seriously, the previews of Amy Adams' wardrobe for this movie get better and better! (Ok, the previews are for the movie, but I keep stalking them for the CLOTHES).  Lovely yellow circle skirt and AH-mazing floral top:

Darling peachy dress with printed full skirt:

The bodice on this dress is just lovely:
Of course there will be singing.  And dancing. 

A great kimono style wrap top, and I love the color combo!

This is actually a dress I think...and it is adorable.  LOVE the print.  So very 1940s-50s. (Hey, there's Janice!)

Couldn't get a great shot of this one, but the picture itself just cracks me up!

Reminds me of this:


Cute pj's:

But this. This is divine! 

Dang I wish I could see the whole thing!  It's a bit reminiscent of the aqua seersucker dress I posted earlier this year (from the same movie set):

I even found (and won!) the perfect vintage pattern on ebay, so I can knock a couple of these off!

Geez, I really do love this guy.

Can't have a muppet post without this...


  1. I love the Buffy reference! Hahaha! I have the DVDs and I've been thinking about starting the series over again. The clothes from the first couple seasons look so strange to me now.

  2. She looks like she's been allowed to eat lately. Good for Hollywood. The clothes do look cute, I might go see this one.

  3. wow. muppets were so not what I was expecting when I clicked on the link. I agree with Steph, AA is looking nicely filled in.

    Let me guess. She's pregnant. That's usually what it ends up being.

    Also, I heart Xander. I'd sort of forgotten.

    Also also, glad you posted. I couldn't remember where the last batch of tornados was yesterday.

  4. ~ * ♥ * ~

    I am going to watch this movie soley for the clothes now... Although I also love Amy Adams ~ she is just so cute!

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  5. Oh wow! I didn't know they were making a new muppets movie. Love the outfits and your pattern is perfecT!!

  6. Muppets! Although Kermit's 'new' voice still sounds strange to me (I know it's only been like 20 years, lol). I'm seriously going to have to borrow someone's kid as an excuse to go see it!
    Amy Adams is SO adorable, I love her! And hurray for movies with sewing inspiration and a leading actress who looks healthy.

  7. WHAT! WHAT!!! A MUPPETS MOVIE????? You just made my freaking day! I can't believe they dressed her so cute, and retro. For a children's movie I thought it would try to be more modern. Love it!

  8. amber p1:52 PM

    Why does that song still make me cry? I didn't even hit play before the tears started flowing. sheesh.

  9. AGH! how have i not heard about this movie?! i can't WAIT!


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