Thursday, May 19, 2011

Heartbreaker Fashion

I stumbled upon a wonderful website this week: Heartbreaker Fashion.  This brand is new to me, and they have the cutest vintage-inspired dresses!  It was hard to choose, but I bring you a few of my favorites:

Just in case you were feeling some intense love for certain quilting cotton, but afraid it would be considered "inappropriate usage", take heart.  I actually recognize quite a few of the cotton prints they've used all over the website.  The aqua rose print in the last dress photo is called "Betty Dear" and is by Robert Kaufman.  Likewise, the dandelion and cherry prints are from popular lines, (I just don't have any on hand to tell you the exact name!)

So use those cotton prints!  And head over to Heartbreaker Fashion to see more pretty dresses.  They have the cutest stuff!  I love Modcloth, you know I do, but some of their merchandise is too "young".

Plus, Heartbreaker has the cutest darn logo!


  1. I love this. Do you have any recommendations for pairing patterns with those cotton fabrics. I'd love a full post on the subject since it's one of my personal challenges.

    Thanks for sharing the link. It's a fabulous site I would otherwise have missed

  2. you KNOW quilting cotton is verboten. VER. BOT. EN.

    Uh. Unless you are making structured garments like vintage dresses with fitted bodices. Then I think it's probably de rigueur.

    my word verification is "lester". That is just... so... it's like the nerdy, horn-rimmed glasses wearing guy that these women all have to work with. You know, the one who's always asking to borrow the stapler.

  3. I love sewing with quilting cotton! I can see how it would look silly in the winter, but for a summer sundress, nothing beats it.

    I do tend to lie when I buy it, though. Last time I got asked what I was making, I blurted out "pillows".

  4. Hmmm ... maybe I should wear a Heartbreaker dress to my next yummy English dentist appointment? ;-)

  5. Great website! More and more I'm realizing how much I love that vintage 40's style... And the prints are gorgeous... Thanks for the link :)))

  6. Quilting cottons are SOOOO tempting! Why do they get all of the cute prints?!? I do make things with them occasionally, but it really depends on the pattern whether or not they are suitable.

  7. You know I'm not into vintage, but there is something great about these dresses. Love the plain green - perhaps because its winter here.

  8. these dresses are gorgeous. maybe it's because the first dress i ever made was from quilter's cotton; maybe it's because beangirl has forbidden it; but i'm jonesin a QC dress now. maybe we need a quilter's cotton dress-off...

    (word verification: hintives! as in, i've had an idea for a blog along but i'm too lazy to execute it so i hope you take the hint).

  9. Garment sewing with quilting cotton is really a balancing act. So many awesome prints, but, well, you know... these photos are great inspiration for pulling it off!

    word ver: lecolde -what they catch in France, what I'm recovering from now

  10. ~ * ♥ * ~

    Beautiful dresses; I love them! My only compliant is that they are too pricey... : ( I shall just have to see if I can whip up my own versions someday!

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  11. cute!
    I've never seen that site!!!


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