Sunday, May 22, 2011

See & Sew 5160 - a Vintage Camisole

One vintagey summer camisole, finished.

While collecting images for my camisole folder,  I fell in love with several I saw on Etsy.  A 1970s Laura Ashley cami in a faded rose print became the inspiration for this one.  I even had the perfect shabby rose print, a lightweight cotton from

This is the pattern I used, a See & Sew from the 80s:

There is an interfaced band across the top, and it's slightly shaped to fit at the armholes.  The cami body has a bit of gathering at the top of the bustline (I could use a bit more, sort of a cheater FBA on the next one.  This one fits the tiniest bit tighter than I like).

I was lucky enough to happen across a basket full of vintage laces at an antique store last summer, and I pulled from that stash for 3 strips to use down the front of the camisole.  The wide strip in the center is flanked by a 3/8" tuck on either side, and then a strip of 1" edging was placed on the sides of the tucks.

The back of the camisole has a small casing with elastic.

At the hems, I added small vents, since I probably could have used about 2 more inches in width. Not the optimal solution, but it will make this one a little more easy to wear.

I'm pretty enamored with this pattern.  The fit across the chest and back is perfect!  I'd like to have a tunic-length one, with a ruffle, and maybe some Cluny lace.  And a white one with tatting and entredeaux, and...well, you get the picture.

Summer's comin!


  1. so pretty! A longer one would be interesting to see.

  2. Gosh that is pretty.

  3. So pretty! i love how you can make so many versions with different lace variations and not look like you're wearing the same thing again and again. :]

  4. Oh that's so pretty!

  5. Very pretty! LOVE the vintage laces!

  6. I love your cami.

  7. Sweet! That pattern could be made into a dress, too!

  8. Casey8:00 AM

    Absolutely beautiful! This style of top is so versatile and perfect for summer. Seeing this is making me want to whip up a few camisole tops out of floaty fabrics. I just adore the print you used!!! :)

  9. Your cami is lovely. I'm thinking I need to make some too. After all, I'll be in my own home during the summer--no classroom air-conditioning. You're were smart to think ahead.

  10. Very pretty - I'm so inspired by you these days. g


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