Sunday, May 29, 2011

summer wardrobe planning - pt 1

I've been pondering a sewing plan for summer things.  Without a plan I tend to wander around all willy nilly and get practically nothing wearable accomplished.  Of course, with a plan I tend to wander around all willy nilly avoiding my plan (and sewing in general) out of spite.

I do love wardrobe planning, so at least there's the enjoyment of *making* the plan.  And I think the only wardrobe worth working on is your dream wardrobe.  Life's too short to do otherwise!

To begin, I know the types of garments I reach for every day, but what are the types of garments I wish I had in my closet? I turned to my Pinterest style board for help identifying the things I gravitate toward.  I'll be dividing the inspiration garments into two posts...I am inspired by a LOT of beautiful things, it would seem!


 be continued!


  1. Anonymous2:13 AM

    What a clever way of going about it! Right - I'm off to summarise my pinterest board :)

  2. Great plans, I have similar :)

  3. Ok seriously? Where did you get those frames? Huh? HUH?

    Uh. Oh, right, there were some pictures in those frames? And, uh, some words and stuff?

    Whatever. FRAMES! Must have.

    (OK fine. I like your plan so far. Of course.)

  4. I want one of every item you posted. I'm sitting down right now to make my summer sewing plans. Vintage dresses all the time. swoon.


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