Sunday, September 04, 2011

in progress: Colette Violet

I was inspired by some weekend early Glee watching (and the arrival of my really sweet Hello! phone pin!) to start a new project.  Colette Patterns Violet:

I'm using either a pale yellow Imperial batiste or a pale yellow shirting from  I've had it a while, and honestly can't remember!  It presses nicely though, and is very lightweight, so I'm leaning toward the Imperial! 

A couple of in progress shots...collar is attached, waiting on facing, need side seams and sleeves.

The collar is a sweet, old-fashioned peter pan:

The instruction booklet is very thorough, even for this simple little blouse.  It's recommended for beginners and I concur!  Very easy to read/understand instructions with lots of little tidbits that are good to know and remember for other projects. 

I'm probably done for the day as far as sewing goes though; it's beautiful!  I want to get back out there and enjoy the pretty weather.  We went from 105 to 75 in the space of a day!

Speaking of weather, a couple of weeks ago it sprinkled early in the morning as the sun came up and I got a couple of great shots of the giant rainbow over my house.

And not one, but two!

Yea, that youtube guy woulda been crying for sure. ;)


  1. This pattern is waiting for me to make a muslin, and staring at me with it's pretty little eyes. Can't wait to see how yours turns out, and a photo with the sweet new pin! :)

  2. I really love that pattern (it's one of the few Collette patterns I've considered buying). Can't wait to see how it turns out (oh Miss Crabby-I-Never-Sew-Anything-Cute-Pants... that looks like something cute to me!)

  3. stop sewing yellow - unless you fixed your shoes. Did you? What will you wear with that sweet yellow blouse? g

  4. LOVE the violet blouse--the peter pan collar is so lovely! The double rainbow made me think of the youtube guy straight away..ehhehehehehe

  5. I like what I see - soft yellow, Peter Pan collar. The rainbow promises good things.


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