Monday, September 05, 2011

umbrella ella ella

Have I ever told you I have a fierce love of umbrellas? 


They always fit.  They come in every shape and style from funky to fashion forward.  And a great umbrella makes people smile on a rainy day!

There ya go.  Yet another accessory you never knew you always wanted. 


  1. Lovely! My poor umbrella has just about bit the dust and I really need a new one.

  2. very cute - but not in my life. In Seattle - an umbrella just makes you a flying object. When it rains hard enough to need an umbrella - well there is always enough wind to lift you up and move you.

    Enjoy them though. g

  3. I'm an umbrella loser. Wet weather in Sydney tends to be cyclonic. An umbrella needs to be strong to withstand the wind.


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