Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Style Icon: Zooey Deschanel

Her retro cuteness is about to go mainstream.  I have mixed feelings about this.  Zooey has always been sort of an thrifty/vintage fashion trade secret.  She is endearing in part because she seems so NORMAL.

I blogged her cotton commercial a year or so ago, and knocked off a skirt from that commercial.  This was my fave outfit from that ad campaign though:

And this. Bangles.  Tights. Pop of color.  Cardi.

EVERYTHING she wore in 500 Days of Summer.  Want.

And in her real life, where you assume she doesn't have a stylist (or at least her stylist is as quirky as she is), I love her vintage kitsch.

The commercial for her new Fox tv show this fall, The New Girl, featured a great, vintagey sundress.  

Which just so happens to be in my anthropologie favorites folder...it's the Nostalgic Asterisks Dress.

The New Girl premieres right after Glee next Tuesday night!  But...you can download the full episode for free NOW, on iTunes! 

Zooey Deschanel=Adorable.


  1. I was kinda wondering if she was going to go all Emo or something once vintage got to be totally mainstream.... maybe, I don't know, Stevie Nicks Victorian Goth?

    It could happen.

    It could.

  2. I adore her! I actually bought a sweater in the exact color from that first photo just because she made it look so awesome! No luck on finding awesome matching bow shoes though. I really hope her show is good! Sometimes I like her acting and sometimes I don't but I do want to raid her closet.

  3. i think she's totally adorable as well. i know girls will start to knock off her style. its only natural. but the day i get called a "Zooey Style" I will go all postal on that person!

  4. Adorable AND multi-talented-- She & Him's "Volume #2" album (which she's the "she" part of) is one of my favorite summery albums of recent years. The music fits her quirky vintage style perfectly too!

    But yeah, I agree-- she's one of the few celebrities whose style I actually admire, because she's not afraid to be different.

  5. Zooey's not mainstream? She's cool and takes her pick of projects, but she's been around since Almost Famous at least.

    She's on the upcoming buddy holly cover tribute album, she sounds pretty decent.

  6. Oh, I try so hard not to be bothered by her, but I'm failing. I find her self-aware cuteness to be really cloying. I know that makes me a bad person. I loved her in Elf, though, and I do like her clothes.

  7. Well who knew she'd be such a polarizing subject! ha! I just think she's a cutie, and I love her clothes, and I guess I pay no attention to the rest.


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