Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Teachery Blog...

Just a quickie post this morning for my teacher friends! I've decided to open a Teachers Pay Teachers store to upload my freebie stuff to, AND to share my classroom/teaching stuff on it's own blog. 

A few times the past several weeks I've been dying to post something about teaching or my classroom or to share a free digital item, and I've held back because I know the majority of you aren't teachers and wouldn't be interested.  The good news (I think?) is, there are a lot of teachers blogging now!  Teacher blogs are EVERYWHERE! 

I'm keeping the name I used to use for my class blog...Yo! Ms. Amos!  (This is what a student used to say to me, years ago, when he wanted my attention.  It was probably annoying but I don't remember it that way now. haha!) 

If you are a teacher, I hope you'll follow me on over to the new blog.  I'll be sharing all of my classroom and freebie teacher stuff there from now on.  I made a little icon that links to the new blog, you can find it on my sidebar if you'd like a copy to share. And let me know if you have a teacher blog too!  I'll add you to my growing list to follow!

No worries for you vintage and fashion sewing bloggers here on Quality Time though! I still plan to blog just as much here as ever!

ps...I'll be back later with yellow Violet blouse goodness!


  1. awesome! and I'm not even a teacher.

    Um. word verification? "brope". Ok, I was going to say something about men groping each other... but since this is a nice family blog... oh wait. I already said it. It's about men groping each other.

  2. I am a vintage loving,sewing teacher blogger but I don't have a teaching blog. I still get the hey teacher instead of my name.

  3. Anonymous10:53 PM

    Very cool, hope you keep on sharing awesome sewing stuff, but it's always fun to branch out. :)


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