Tuesday, September 06, 2011

New Colette Patterns!

I don't know how I'm always the last to know, but I seriously think I AM.  How did I miss that Colette was releasing 3 new beauties? (Um, maybe because I've been in a beginning-of-school-teacher-induced fog for 4 weeks?)

First, Jasmine, the PERFECT little bow blouse.

Honestly.  Could it be more perfect?  Those of us with ample chestage who love a bow-tie blouse are celebrating the open neckline!  Woohoo!

Then there's the simple and elegant Peony:

Really simple (reminds me a little of the dress in the latest Ottobre Woman, actually) but so pretty.  I love all of my vintage-inspired Colette dress patterns, but it's nice that she's made a few lately that don't require upwards of 5 yards of fabric.  (Ceylon I'm looking at you.)

And last...Clover.  Another one of those "I must have that" vintage style that is so hard to find in actual vintage (that fits a wide variety of sizes).  Slim fitting "cigarette" pant:

How adorable was the photo shoot for all of these?  Love love.

You can peruse and preorder at the Colette Shop.  I'm really hoping "shipping early September" means...tomorrow.  I've already ordered all 3!


  1. These are all so cute. The bow blouse is my favourite, though!

  2. Don't worry, I think I was the last to know...

    Seriously adorable tops! Dang! I want them!

  3. I know, when I saw these all I could think was, these are all keepers. Of course, I need a new body for the cigarette pants, but that's another subject.:) ps, if you add colette patterns to your google reader you won't miss anything.

  4. I love that blouse! (Er... and I already knew about it so you're definitely falling behind, since I don't even look at new patterns anymore... tsk tsk)

    Those pants are adorable too, I wish I could wear them. Maybe, um, next year... ha, who'm I kidding. Even if I was starved to death, those wouldn't look good on me. But they sure are cute!

  5. I could not agree more, the jasmine blouse is perfect. I too wish I could wear those pants...hmm maybe with boots, or the tallest heels I would ever dare to walk in.

  6. Oooo! These are nice! I might have to break down and order some!

  7. Finally a Collette pattern that I can really get excited about. The blouse is perfect for my figure.

  8. I tested the pants and they fit sooo good!


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