Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm thinking...I'm thinking...

Just in case you thought I had totally given up on that whole sewing hobby thing. 

Nope.  It's at the back of my mind all the time.  I have three projects on my sewing table RIGHT NOW that need finishing up (the yellow Violet above, the green check dress from McCalls 6328 below, and the mustard skirt). 

And I received my new Colette patterns last week!

I'm especially excited to try the Clover, although pants are usually a disaster for me, and that bow tie top must be muslined.  Asap.

Also...I just wanted to say thanks for hanging in there with me during the busy, beginning months of yet another school year.  I appreciate you all!


  1. I also just received my Jasmine pattern from Collette, and am looking forward to digging into it, but must finish a vest first...not enough hours in the day for all the sewing we are thinking about:)

  2. That Jasmine blouse just HAS to be made! I've ordered one too but postage to australia takes sooo long :(

  3. I've been doing some snoop shopping and peter pan collars are so in right now. I can't wait to see yours. I'm very happy you're sewing again. I know how the beginning of the school year can suck you dry.


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