Thursday, March 01, 2012

Project Runway: Kenley Collins

So it's probably no surprise that one of my favorite designers on the new Project Runway: All Stars is Kenley.  She has a very vintage, retro aesthetic (remind you of anyone??)

One of the suggestions we heard from Isaac Mizrahi recently was that she needed to "try something different", which sort of opened the gauntlet of complaints from the remaining designers about how she "always makes the exact same dress".   Even Mondo complained...Why is she still here? She makes the exact same thing over and over.  Really Mondo?  YOU want to go there?  I mean of any PR contestant of any season the ONE person's designs I can spot without fail are MONDO's.

I love him.  Don't get me wrong.  But he has a definite and identifiable design aesthetic.

Exactly like Kenley.

Do his designs have a more dramatic flair?  Yes.  Would I wear hers before his?  Yes.  But that's personal preference, which is, by the way, the epitome of Fashion.

But back to the original complaint/suggestion at hand...has Kenley made the exact same thing over and over??  I don't see it.  But you can decide for yourself...

And with that...Project Runway All Stars is on in 10!


  1. Forgive my poor memory, but wasn't Kenly cast as the "mean one" during her season? She certainly is playing a different role in the All Stars. I like her much more this season.

  2. I have a hard time with Kenly....I will admit it. I don't care for her designs even though I love vintage, her work just strikes me as unsophisticated. I feel the only 2 designers who deserve to be there at this point are Mondo and Austin. They both have an identifiable aesthetic but there just appears to be more scope. In the pictures above I can see 2 silhoutes and 2 necklines with the exception of episode 7. Maybe it is just personal preference as you say because while I might not be able to wear any of Mondo's or Austin's clothes I would like to, whereas Kenly's not so much. And my most shallow complaint of all.....her voice makes me want to run screaming from the room, literally, and that might be playing into my feelings about her designs.

  3. Well said. I agree. I love Kenly. I don't think she has made the same dress. I couldn't believe they said that.

  4. I'm super-bummed that I didn't know this show was going to be on when it started and so of course, in typical fashion, didn't get to watch it. Or rather, I'm super-bummed that THEY WON'T POST IT ON HULU OR ONLINE so I can catch up. That just pisses me right off. It'd better be on Netflix next year or something or I'm going to be REALLY unhappy.

    Just saying.

    And I always thought Kenley was really, really annoying as a personality. But I didn't think her work was as awful as they made out when she was on PR. It wasn't fabulous, but it wasn't horrifying either. Her personality might have been...

    However, from the pictures above, I'll have to go with "No. No, she did not make the same dress. Even remotely." She maintains the same DESIGN AESTHETIC (which is more than I can say for most PR contestants that I've ever seen), but it's certainly not the same dress. It's not really my favorite design aesthetic but it's not unreasonable or poorly cooridinated.

    And if people who call themselves "designers" can't actually tell the difference between "the same dress" and "the same design aesthetic".... well, let's just say if they were my students, they'd be really unhappy with their final grade.

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