Friday, March 30, 2012

What would YOU do with $540 milllion??

That's a fun thought isn't it? Let's see...I would:

Build myself a Craftsman Bungalow

And one for Shannon too. 

And a lakehouse for my parents.  (Hi mom!)

And beachhouses for my parents, me and my siblings, in a neat little row. (So we can vacation together. Or not.  Or ignore each other even if we do.)

Then I'd buy my Lu that vintage pickup she's always wanted.

And my boy a slicked up custom:

And my mom's always wanted a Corvette:

Then I'd outfit all the local animal shelters with state of the art equipment and a nice healthy repeating yearly donation.

I'd secretly pay off  the mortgages of all my poor teacher friends.

Then I'd make sure my kids and nephews all had plenty of these.  And then I'd set up trusts for future grandkids too.

Then, just for fun, I'd fly over a local football game in a hot air balloon and drop money over the crowd.

I'd randomly pick stores on Black Friday and pay everyone's tab.

Then... I would write.  

Every day.  

All day.

That would be the ultimate lottery prize to me.

What would you do with $540 million??


  1. Well first I'd have to buy a ticket. Then I have very similar goals as yours. I would buy the B&B of my dreams and furnish the thing. Let the hubby convert a barn into fabulous living quarters. etc. g

    ps - there would be staff for that B&B so I could 'meet & greet' guests but not have to change beds or clean toilets.

  2. Hey you don`t need 540 million to start your writing career - go for it. My 15 year old daughter has just completed her first novel - it took over 12 months but I am very proud. SHe is now editing it but it is actually quite good - what she has let me see anyway.

  3. Awesome plan! I'm rooting for you.


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