Saturday, March 31, 2012

That's a Lotto Pleats

Well, rats.  No winning here.  Not that I expected there to be (since I forgot to stop and buy a ticket after work).  But there was one in Baltimore county, MD!   Which has me humming along to this all morning...

(And there was a winner in Illinois, but they don't have a catchy retro tune.  Do they?)

Well, maybe the winner is a follower and will buy me that beach house anyway.  ahem.

Meanwhile, it's Saturday!  I have buttonholes to sew and a new project to cut out.  I pinned this dress this week and it is fantastic:

The color is gorgeous.  LOVE the tiny pleats on the skirt and the tailored sleeve.  Looks a LOT like this doesn't it?

Which is my favorite Chuck dress of all time!  This collar/neckline is better suited to me (I might be too old for peter pan collars? Nahhhh.)

I have had this pattern (vintage Simplicity 3039) in my stash for a while now:

 And I still have that bold royal blue dotted swiss too:

That combo would be like....

And bonus, if I get the dress all nicely fitted (should be easy since I've been playing around with a "sloper" I made from another project bodice) then I can use that hot pink Imperial broadcloth I bought last year to make Chuck's dress too.

Good plan, right?


  1. Yes, the shirtdress you've got picked out will be awesome in the pink and the blue dotted swiss (which I absolutely adore). A dress that will surely knock 'em all senseless. ;-)

    BTW, there was a winner in Kansas too.

  2. Ooooh! Love those swiss dots! Can't wait to see the KAPOW! dress.

  3. I have that dress pinned too and I am sat wearing my version of the Chuck dress, so I just know I am going to love this project!

  4. I think you are on to something AMAZING! I love the color, the fabric and pattern choice.

  5. Hurray for bright cotton shirtwaist dresses! I'd suggest "Chicago, Chicago" for a hummable Illinois tune.

  6. That would be a fabulous dress in the blue swiss dot. That is also my favorite Chuck dress and sent me down the spiral of eBay shirtdress pattern buying for years.

  7. Yes, KAPOW! Do it! Chuck + blue spotted dots can never go wrong.

  8. Perfect match of fabric and pattern. I told my husband we should have bougth a ticket (we are in the Baltimore area)!


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